mount vernon

American Heritage Is Rich At Mount Vernon #ChocolateHistory

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wild river falls

Dollywood Splash Country Is Fun For The Whole Family

My family loves the water and spend as much of our time in it when the … [Read More...]

Monticello Thomas Jefferson

American Heritage At The Monticello #ChocolateHistory

History is simply fascinating to me, especially when it is tied to … [Read More...]


Dollywood Is More Than An Amusement Park

I love living in Tennessee for so many reasons! We have the Great Smoky … [Read More...]

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Earbuds For Working Out

Earbuds For Working Out: Are They Are Better?

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top fall recipes for cookies

How To Find The Best Fall Recipes

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Buying Wireless Speakers

A Dummies Guide To Buying Wireless Speakers

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Be More Responsible

Five Ideas On How To Get Your Teenager To Be More Responsible

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