mommy purse essentialsAs the kids are growing up I find that I am beginning to phase out my big clunky diaper bag. I no longer need to carry around 20 pounds of gear on my shoulder; I can probably get away with lugging around closer to 5 pounds these days. How is it that I decide what makes the cut to my new mom purse? What are the purse essentials for moms these days? I’m not sure what you plan to carry, but I can clue you in on what is inside of my bag.

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10 Purse Essentials All Moms Should Have

To get that hair Out. Of. Your. Face!

For the kids, of course. I carry a pair for each child; you never know!

They come in handy when the kids are screaming at the store.

For you to take after the kids are finished screaming at the store. Or for them. Either way.

One of the few things that belongs to ME in my own purse.

You never know when someone is going to get a boo-boo.

To dry the eyes from said boo-boo’s.

I’ve been in far too many “Mommy, I’m thirsty!” situations.

All heck breaks loose if they don’t have their own forks for lunch.

Because we live in Florida, I have two kids, and it always rains. Especially if I don’t have an umbrella.

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The above picture is pretty standard for an afternoon in Florida. I took that picture as I was walking out of the house yesterday afternoon with the kids. You bet your last dollar that I had my purse essential umbrella with me! My favorite umbrella to carry is made by Windjammer ShedRain. I love it because it is auto open and close, so I don’t have to reach up and fight a soaking wet umbrella. It also has an aerodynamic vented canopy which allows the wind to pass through instead of inverting it or ripping it from my hands. It is designed in Oregon, which is probably the next best place for an umbrella to be designed, next to Florida of course! The Windjammer can be found at many major retailers, including Amazon and the ShedRain website for between $20-$24.

What are your purse essentials?

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