Traveling can be stressful and expensive, especially for business travelers. However, one way to make your trip more comfortable is to ensure that you pick the right accommodation for your needs each time you travel. Choosing a suitable place to crash can often be a daunting task but there are ways to help you find the right hotel for your next trip. Whether you’re catching a flight to London or taking a train to Paris, you can ensure that you arrive to the welcome sight of quality digs that will put you up in style. Read on for 10 top tips to help you choose the right hotel next time you travel for business.

  • Location: One of the first things to consider when choosing a hotel for your next business trip is the location of the accommodation. While this might sound obvious, it’s common for business bookings to be made based on price, rather than where the hotel is situated. While you will still probably need to hire a taxi or use some other form of public transport to reach various venues, it’s better to be in a central location.
  • Level of Service: When you have a long trip that can leave you jet-lagged and tired upon arrival, it’s nice to find that the hotel staff are pleasant to deal with and attentive to your needs. It’s crucial that when you ask for that dreaded, early morning wake-up call, that the request is carried out on time, and you also want to trust that you’ll have a cab called when needed or that your laundry will arrive back from the cleaners when required.
  • Business Facilities: It’s also important to research the business facilities that your accommodation outlet provides. You might assume that certain facilities (such as a business centre with Internet access and a fax, scanner and copy machine) might be available at a hotel and then find out on arrival that they’re actually not.
  • Access to Transport: Another point to consider when choosing the right business hotel for your needs is the building’s proximity to transport. Check if the establishment is near a taxi rank, train station or bus stop and ensure that you won’t have to catch multiple forms of transport to get to your most important destinations.
  • Reviews and Recommendations: A fantastic way to choose your accommodation confidently is to research the reviews and recommendations available for hotels in your target area. Save yourself time, money and stress by opting for an accommodation provider that has been recommended to you by people you know and trust, or search online for the most highly-rated hotels instead.
  • Food Choices: When you’re working long hours away from home it’s nice to know that you can get a good quality meal at a decent price when you’re done for the day. For your next work trip ensure that the hotel offers in-house meals and, if possible, room service, so that if you find yourself exhausted at the end of the day, you can relax in your hotel room and enjoy a meal in peace and quiet.
  • Quality Fittings and Furniture: When researching a business hotel, ensure that you look for an establishment that is either relatively new or else has been recently refurbished. Check that each room offers free or inexpensive Wi-Fi access, as well as basic kitchen facilities, quality appliances, plenty of work space and comfortable beds.
  • Cleanliness: Cleanliness is definitely something you don’t want to worry about at the hotel you’re staying at. We’ve all heard horror stories of guests who have been bitten by nasty bed bugs or had allergic reactions due to the lack of cleanliness in a hotel, so ensure you research the accommodation provider’s ratings in this area before making a booking.
  • Loyalty Program: When you travel regularly for work it’s also nice to know that you can earn some extra mileage out of all those business costs. Look for a hotel that’s part of a chain so you can accumulate loyalty points, or choose a regular haunt that will provide room upgrades or discounts for multiple stays.
  • Leisure Facility: After a long day working, it can be nice to relax in a pool, at the gym or in a sauna. Look for a hotel that offers leisure facilities so that you can take some time to recharge while you’re away.

About the Author: Linda Layton is a travel writer and business blogger with a passion for architecture and design.