1_bathroomA good handyman can be hard to find. You’re not just looking for a random guy with a tool belt who’s watched HGTV a few times. What you’re looking for is someone who’s reliable, experienced and competent enough to get the job done right.

But those are just the basics. Here are 10 additional traits to look for in a handyman.


They don’t ask to use your bathroom.

They don’t play their music too loud.


They don’t use your phone to call their girlfriend.

They don’t have to Google “How-To Guides” while on the job.


They don’t make themselves too comfortable.


They always arrive on time.

They never leave the job half finished.

They don’t sleep on the job.


They always dress appropriately.


They don’t always have to be a man.


When it comes to comprehensive gutter services, don’t waste time on handymen who aren’t so handy. Instead, call Ned Stevens. They’ve been family owned and operated for more than 50 years and work at your convenience. Best of all, they’ll never ask to use your bathroom.

Matt Stevens is a true renaissance man over at Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning. From gutter services to quality control to the occasional blog post, he does it all. That’s probably because he’s been with the company his whole life—literally. His grandfather is Ned Stevens.

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