nEO_IMG__DSC3536Head over to Shirley’s Delicious Recipes — She is NOW offering an awesome food processor to all her readers and friends to thank them for following and connecting!  Shirley is having a blast with her new food processor and now she is even more excited to give another one away to a lucky winner! She wanted to spread the word so that everyone has a chance to enter! She even shares some great recipes that she has created with this handy kitchen tool!


  • Multi-functioned Food Processor 8 in 1 for fries, juice & meat paste (Retail Price: $75)
  • The Whole Set of KETUO 10-Cup Multi Food Processor LSM-380 8 in 1
  • Dry Breaking Glasses

End Date: September 20th

Do not enter here, go to Shirley’s Delicious Recipes to enter. This Post is part of the Blogger Advertisement Package.

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