A bit about Blogging, Babies and the Bayou

Not long after my son was born, I found myself around my children 24/7. Being a stay at home mother, I was looking for a creative outlet. One afternoon, I was researching some products online and gave my first review on a car seat that I was not happy with. I found myself online giving reviews on products I loved or hated.

I then started my blog in the hopes that others might find it intresting and funny. My family knows that if something hilarious happens to us…or them, it will appear on my blog!! ~

I’m an ethical blogger! The reviews I give are 100% solely my opinion and are in no way influenced by the brands I represent.

If you have any questions or wish to contact me, you can email me at jeffmarias2001@yahoo.com

My blog describes my journey as a mother, wife, chef, taxi driver, accountant, maid, etc and yet manages to wake up in the morning to…”Mom…I think my pants exploded??!!” And still thinks.. I’m a lucky person!!

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