While attending the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood, FL I learned from various casino and hotel guests what there preferred way to win was. Of course this is all gospel. I took every word to heart, and I am now retiring as a multi-millionaire.

Ways To Win Blackjack

  1. There is no way the dealer can get blackjack again.
  2. Double or nothing your losses on the way out to get your money back.
  3. The house only wins if you let it

Ways To Win Roulette

  1. Damaris says bet elite numbers (most wins in last 300 games).
  2. Kenny says $1 quarters & if you lost then triple it till you win.
  3. 4 is a big winner on some machines.
  4. Roulette can be solved if you keep trying.

Overall Ways To Win While Gambling

  1. You simply cannot lose 4 times in a row.
  2. The more money you bet the better your chances.
  3. If you’re happy you win.
  4. Play early in the am when you are fresh.
  5. Play late when you are lubed and loose.

Now you can see with these simple guidelines, and especially the advice from Damaris and Kenny, there is no possible way for you to lose. I cannot believe the Hard Rock Casino can stay in business now the secret is out!

It is a good thing they have a beautiful pool area, great concerts and lavish rooms to keep the hotel open for business.

the bol hard rock cafe seminole

The meals at the Bol, Kubo and even the diner were outstanding. We were treated to a sampling of the menu, and it was quite the culinary delight. I have never tasted so many exotic foods. The portion sizes were perfect and the chef has quite a talent in pairing ingredients I never thought would go together. It is a must-try for sure. I would go to the Seminole Hard Rock Casino just to visit Kubo.