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18 Fun Date Ideas You Can Try More than Once

Are you running out of fun ways to spend time with your significant other? Don’t panic. We’ve come up with 18 new and fun date ideas that can put the spark back in your relationship.

  1. Take a Sex Workshop Together

If frolicking in the bedroom is not as exciting as it once was, it’s time to learn new tricks. A sex workshop is an excellent place to pick up some new tips. You and your date will probably spend the whole session giggling and blushing, but you are guaranteed to learn something useful.

If you are too shy to attend a sex workshop in-person, virtual options are available.

  1. Go-Karting

Has your partner insisted for years that they are the better driver? There’s nothing like a bit of go-karting to put them in their place. You can keep the activity as competitive as you want, but make sure to drive safely.

  1. Sky Diving or Bungee Jumping

Sky diving and bungee jumping are sure ways to get a rush for the adrenaline-junkies. Plus, it makes for some exciting aerial photographs and footage. Don’t force your partner into it if they are afraid, or it could ruin the rest of your outing.

  1. Camping

Spending time outdoors is a great way to disconnect from the world, leaving you and your lover with nothing to do but talk and cuddle. If you don’t like sleeping on the floor in a tent, try glamping with an RV instead.

  1. Take a Dance Lesson

Several options are available if you want to try something traditional, like a salsa or waltz class. Make things more interesting with a twerking or break-dancing class. Watching your significant other try to move his or her booty should be fun and unforgettable. After your dance class, hit up the clubs to try your new moves. 

  1. Try Zip Lining

If jumping off a plane or structure is too scary for you, zip lining is a more tame adrenaline pumper you can try. It is ideal for a quick fun outing, especially if you have other date plans lined up.

  1. Check Out the Local Festival or Fair

Local festivals are perfect for a fun outing on a budget. The bigger the festival, the better! For the most fun, participate in as many activities as possible. If your city has no upcoming festivals, check out what’s on the schedule in neighboring towns.

  1. Play a Game 

You could watch a baseball or basketball game together, but it’s more fun if you both play. Many fun games for couples are available, including bowling, mini-golf, paintball, pool, and more. If one of you isn’t familiar with the game, teaching each other can be a fun bonding experience.

  1. Visit a Strip Club

Here’s a wild one that every couple should try at least once. Visit a classy strip joint in your area for drinks and a show. Go the extra mile by not only watching the dancers but also testing your skills on the pole. Who knows? One of you might enjoy it enough to apply for an exotic dancing job.

  1. Explore the Wild

Aside from camping, other ways to bond with nature as a couple include hiking through a national or state park. It is good exercise, gives you a chance to talk, and provides a lovely photo op. Regardless of where you live, at least one park in your area should be worth exploring.

  1. Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is a win-win date for almost any couple. If both of you have never ridden a horse, we promise this is one date neither of you will ever forget.

  1. Go Sailing

Sailing into the middle of a sea or lake is perfect for some private and romantic time. Both of you can have as much crazy fun as you want with no worries about Peeping Toms. It also offers an opportunity to sunbathe, snorkel, and fish.

  1. VR Café 

Enjoy a wild and dangerous adventure safely through virtual reality. At some point, one of you will forget it is not real and scream at invisible enemies.

  1. Test Your Accuracy

Guns are scary, but they are less intimidating when you have a professional guiding you. Visit a shooting range to learn about firearms and practice your marksmanship. The smell of gunpowder can be surprisingly exhilarating. 

If guns are too loud, archery and ax-throwing ranges are perfect alternatives. 

  1. Visit an Escape Room

Escape rooms are currently one of the most popular fun date ideas. The game might seem simple, but difficulty levels vary from place to place. It involves entering a room where you have to find clues and solve puzzles to find a way out. Depending on the escape room, a minimum of two people can play. If you want to bring friends, some escape rooms allow up to 12 participants.

  1. Drive a Fancy Car

Have you always wanted to drive a Ferrari or Lamborghini? If so, rent a supercar and take a scenic drive with your partner. It is a lovely way to spend the afternoon, especially with the top down. 

  1. Start a Business

While this is serious, it can be fun as well. You and your partner think up an exciting product and a business plan to market it. What started as a fun date idea could end up growing into a million-dollar company!

  1. Make a New Recipe

Why go out to eat when you can try something new at home? Attempt an unlikely twist on your favorite foods and try to bring them to life with your partner. The result could end up disastrous or something extraordinary. Either way, you and your lover will enjoy the time spent together.


These are just a few of the fun date ideas you can try to spice up your relationship. Remember that your outing should be fun for you and your partner. If you have any other awesome ideas you think other couples should try, please share in the comments. 

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