$19 for a Mega Bloks “Halo” Toy-Building Set Groupon Deal

groupon toys$19 for a Mega Bloks “Halo” Toy-Building Set ($49.99 List Price). Free Shipping.

Mega Bloks Halo Versus: Assault on High Ground

Modeled after one of _Halo 3_’s iconic multiplayer maps, this 542-piece toy-building set replicates High Ground’s chaotic battleground. Red and blue Spartan soldiers battle for the flag from their perch atop a mesh canopy area as opponents zip around in a Ghost vehicle or rattle rounds off of a defense turret. Soldiers wield a variety of handheld weapons, including the Spartan battle rifle, the Covenant needler, and toothpicks left over from holiday hors d’oeuvres platters.


  • 542-piece play set inspired by popular video game
  • High Ground structure with mesh canopy, defense turret, and flag
  • Five soldiers: one red UNSC Spartan, one red CQB Spartan, one blue UNSC Spartan, one blue Recon Spartan, and one camouflaged EVA Spartan
  • Five weapons: Spartan laser, M6D pistol, needler, battle rifle, and mauler
  • One Covenant Ghost vehicle with a park-assist feature
  • Assembly required
  • Recommended for ages 8 and up
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