The girls were all screaming, and grown men were seen giving the boy-sensation high-fives. What could be causing such a fervor in a tech conference? Justin Bieber of course. We all claimed to be shooting the pictures for our children, nieces, next-door neighbor, etc. Isn’t America full of good parents trying to please their kids? Or at least be the coolest mom or dad on the block!

2012 Justin Bieber Photographs

This is what you need to battle in order to get a decent picture of Justin Bieber. People were sitting down waiting to get a picture (A PICTURE) of him 6 hours ahead of time! The line to get his autograph was wrapped all the way around the inside of the CES building which was a few football fields long. If you squint your eyes really, really close you might be able to see a hair poking out of his hoodie or maybe a side view of a hair flip. He is right in the center of most of those pictures, so I figured after I came home and cropped a little bit, I would be able to pick out at least on decent picture! Ha! It was complete mayhem trying to actually get close enough to get a shot. What is really amusing is that these pictures were taken at a tech conference, CES, in Las Vegas. Justin Bieber was representing and unveiling the Tosy robotics new product which I did not even see! If you are looking for 2012 Justin Bieber Photographs, I suggest you stalk non-music related press events and carry a telephoto lens for your camera! These are pictures of Justin Bieber you will not see anywhere else!!