If you are heading out this summer on a road trip, you need a car that’s fun to drive. Summers are for memories so you’ll need one that can handle everything you want to do! I like a car that has lots of bells and whistles and great gas mileage (estimated 24/30 mpg city/highway). Recently I drove a 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport SE across the entire state of Florida (From Fort Myers to Miami) to test this baby out. My kids had to check the outside to see if the Mitsubishi would receive their full seal of approval!


The first thing they always do is kick and check the tires out. However, most importantly, they make sure they have enough leg space in the back seat. Most road trips I take are with the kids so they need to be comfy on the long drives too! This is better for everyone in the long run; a lot less, “Are we there yet?” from the seat.


The  2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport SE has a surprisingly powerful get-up-and-go with its  four-cylinder engine. I was able to traverse all the hilly mountaintops in Florida with ease! (Just kidding, but I thought I would mention it for you mountaineers out there.


The front MacPherson struts with 22 mm stabilizer bar makes your ride nice and smooth. With a suspension like this, when you go over those bumps in the road, you will never even notice. I was able to cross Alligator Alley on the way to BlogHer Food with ease. I only hit 4 alligators but I barely noticed! I made it safe and sound to the Hilton parking garage without even one alligator bite to the tire. Let me tell you, at this point, after the morning I had had, I felt I could accomplish anything and might have wrastled those gaters myself. What story you ask…I heard something about a latrine mishap?? Read on!


You will be pleasantly surprised at the spacious back seat, which can accommodate 3 adult passengers quite comfortably. (hee hee like one of those commercial breaks on the Bachelor) With almost 100 cubic feet of passenger room, your friends and family will appreciate the ultimate in comfortable rides in the Outlander Sport. For your road trip, you will want plenty of cargo space, which the Outlander Sport offers for more than just a few bags! Go ahead and throw in your suitcases, toys, a cooler,  and snacks, and you will still have room to spare! I was so glad I drove to BlogHer Food in Miami because I had plenty of space to carry all the great kitchen and food items I received!

Outlander will get you there

My favorite trip I took with the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport was to a camping festival in Bonita Springs! Did I mention there is enough room in the trunk to sleep in! Would that be considered glamping?

This is where the latrine mishap took place.

Have you ever felt you were being tested by life? Have you ever wondered how you would react in one of those “What would you do if something so gross and horrible happened to you” situations?

The Outlander Sport’s comes standard with a four-speaker stereo which delivers great quality sound. If you really want to bring your audio to a completely new level, the Rockford-Fosgate nine-speaker stereo system upgrade is perfect for your inner rock star. You can sing all the way there and back at the top of your lungs and the stereo sound is so good no one will notice you are off key! Speaking of Keys…

Did you know the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport has a remote keyless entry? That is one of those key fobs you never have to take out of your back pocket or purse. You can open the car door just by having it in your immediate vicinity. The car will start with a push of a button. It is almost as if you do not need keys…


Did you know that if you are going to use a latrine at a campground, it is a FANTASTIC idea to check your pockets or purses for loose and hanging keys before attempting to go to the bathroom.

OMG! Do you think I was one of those people? Nah…lol

As you will soon see, I am not a cautionary person.

Imagine, you have been camping all night with your friends and have finally pulled your gear together to load up in the car. At the last minute, but thankfully near a latrine, you feel the urge to go one last time before hitting the road to a blogging conference. You think, “Hey I can just hop in this latrine here, do my business, and be on my merry way”

THEN…Murphy’s law and you get intimate.. (did you notice how I turned this around to be your story and not mine anymore)

Okay…I’ll tell you how it happened in “my voice.” It was my keys, my hand, and my utterly EMPOWERING experience.

As I dropped my skirt and swirled to open the door, the keys to a borrowed review car belonging to a company I love and would love to continue to work with, dropped.


or was that a plop…ew…

Everything slowed down (except my heart) as I watched the keyless remote to the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport sink ever so slowly down in, down through, ugh…yes it did..sink right through the biggest pile of mixed up human feces.

***thought I would take a moment to point out the habit of interchanging keys with keyless remote throughout the post & want to make sure you understand there were not TWO – just the one that took the dive.

What would you do? What could you do?

I did what any woman with a lion’s courage, a desperate need not to have to call DriveSti for a spare set, and a stomach of steel would do.

I plunged my hand directly into the middle of the swirly brown abyss, snatched what I could only hope was the *Keyless Remote Entry Fob*, promptly turned around and exited the latrine, hand extended out in triumph (or to keep it away from the rest of my body). Upon my exit, I was greeted by a horrified, young woman who was patiently waiting her turn (probably wondering why I was screaming so loudly) told her not to try that at home.

I was shocked I actually put my hand in a latrine toilet that was full. I was amazed I acted so quickly. I was empowered I did not let a small little detail dictate my day. Take that Murphy’s, now hand me some more bleach!

Now back to the scheduled car review…

The ARV on the Outlander Sport ranges from $22,595 to $23,995 and comes in 6 colors including Rally Red, Laguna Blue and Mercury Gray.

What feature about the 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport SE are you most interested in?