free eyeglassesFor years I wore contact lenses, at least until I started developing dry spots on my eyes.  My contact lenses got so uncomfortable I could not keep them in for more than an hour. Being in denial, I tried a lot of different products to help the situation but nothing really worked. Once I realized there was no fixing the dryness of my eyes, I made the switch to eyeglasses.

Cost of Eyeglasses

Of course going from contact lenses to eyeglasses can be quite the investment.  I prefer not to wear transition lenses, which means I need not only a pair of regular eyeglasses, but also a pair of sunglasses. For anyone who has bought glasses, you know the expenses add up.  Besides purchasing the frames, and lenses you also need to determine the kind of lenses you want, if you want anti-reflective, progressives, bifocals, and on and on. Since the cost of eyeglasses can be so exorbitant, my preference is to purchase eyeglasses though my optometrist and then purchase sunglasses through

Online Prescription Eyeglasses

I love the flexibility of online prescription eyeglasses. One of the many great things of, besides their quality products & service, is that you actually get a free pair of glasses with a purchase of sunglasses.  This offer is only available for new customers!  I really appreciate being able to not only save on a pair of sunglasses, which I cannot live without.  But I love having a second pair of glasses.  Not only does having a second pair of glasses provide a lot flexibility in my wardrobe, but also it is nice to have an additional pair in case a pair gets broken or lost. is a great site for anyone who wears glasses and wants to save money.  It is a really great option for people who wear glasses but can’t afford to purchase them at full price.  I love that new customers are able to purchase sunglasses at such a low price and are still able to get a second pair of glasses for free.  That is a great deal that works to everyone’s advantage.