Sew up a home makeover

Sew Up a Home Makeover, by Lexie Barnes, is a Do-it-Yourself (DIY) craft book that consists of 50 creative, inexpensive sewing projects that are simple and quick. In just a few hours, you can revamp a living room with an entire new look with the custom-designed slipcover and coordinated pillows. Take the weekend going room by room to transform your home to match the personal taste of each family member by sewing up headboard covers, lampshades, and matching window treatments.

This is a book that belongs on the shelf of anyone that enjoys decorating their home, regardless of current sewing skills. If you are a person who has ever wondered, “could I make that?”, but hasn’t been brave enough to attempt a home decor sewing project, you need this book. The book covers the basics of sewing,  how to select the items needed, and how to complete each project in the easiest,  and most enjoyable way. The book would also inspire the skilled seamstress and possibly teach them a few new techniques. Before reading this book, I’ve already had experience recovering furniture, making slipcovers, pillows, and curtains, to name just a few of the home decor sewing projects featured in the book. Yet, I still found the step-by-step tutorials informative and useful.  Many of the book’s projects used easier and faster sewing methods than I’ve used. I would have saved a lot of time and energy making slipcovers and bolster pillows for my living room if I had this book.

I would also recommend this book to any cost-conscious parent. This book has several projects to help keep up with the growing and changing tastes of your family. The book’s  “before-and-after” photos demonstrate how simple it is to transform the look of a room by incorporating inexpensive sewing projects.  Raising children in a tidy, nice-looking home that reflects the style of each family member can get expensive.  Unless your family has a large budget that includes replacing furniture that has been stained or purchasing new home decor every time your child’s interest changes, the alternative is to cover the stains and re-purpose home goods into new furnishings to change the look of a child’s room as he/she grows.  Sew Up a Home Makeover tackles these issues with projects featured in sections called “Designing Challenges”:

  • Drab to Fab:  add more pzazz and personality to each room with projects like floor mats, furniture slipcovers, artwork for the walls, duvet covers and headboards for the bedrooms. It even includes instructions on how to make guest slippers and a robe for the guestroom.
  • Dressing a Table to Fit the Occasion: for everyday needs to special events with place mats, table skirts, napkins, goodie bags.
  • A Room that Grows Up: geared towards the baby, kid, tween, and teen with designing projects to personalize their rooms with curtains, lamp shades, seating like the box cushion or the pompom pillow.
  • One Space, Three Functions: multipurpose items for a multi-tasking area. Projects like the mobile office tote and memo board help keep order in areas that are susceptible to clutter and disorganization.

After reading this book, I feel inspired to do another home makeover. I made a long DIY project list of all the items I want to make from this book.  I just finished a living room makeover, so I think my next room to tackle is my craft room. I want to make the sewing machine cover, table cover, and artist sling to organize my craft supplies. Then I’ll move on to projects for the rest of my house. This book has all I need to make the right amount of changes in the easiest ways, so it will be used to make many home makeovers in my house for years to come. You can order Sew up a Home Makeover online here.