Shopping for a gift can be a real challenge, and it’s most difficult if you are buying it for a lady. Wait, we are taking it up a notch by specifying designer watches. Don’t worry; we got you covered in the following guide. It has every sensitive topic covered you need to impress a watch collector.

Match Their Choices

When you are buying a gift for someone (let alone a lady), make sure it is according to their taste, and lifestyle. Practicality comes before elegance, so make sure it is practical and has its uses. Gifting a watch can be a smart voice because it reminds them to watch their most important asset, time.

To help you make a better choice, we will detail a few features common to different lifestyles, and what you should keep an eye for.

Formal: This can be a prized possession for most, it standouts with stand-out gemstones which are featured with a beautiful metal or expensive leather band. These are great for formal events, parties, or dress code. They are not meant to be a daily driver.

Fashion: When you browse through designer women’s watches for some extravagant or lavish touch and then look for Gemstones, and an expensive watchband. It is ideal for some socialite as it blends well with formal events or a daily driver.

Casual: Hard to miss thanks to the large face, and they don’t have extravagant gems. In most cases, these have leather bands, but it can be metal bands sometimes.  These are mostly daily driver, fits casual dress codes, and office attire.

Sports: If someone is a sports fan, or fitness junkie with a love of Running, Watersports, hiking or any other sport, you better gift a sports watch. These watches are identical thanks to the rubber band, timer, GPS, Stopwatch, and other such features.

Research Brands

Things can get real fanatic here, but you can hit the goldmine here. If you are gifting a designer watch to someone, you should start with luxury brands.  You are investing a big gift; you better have some reference to their favorite brand. If yes, then it’s a great start.

But, some people prefer rare designer items over a well-known luxury brand. It’s a major catch, learn if they have a specific model, and it’s in your range. If they are a diehard lover of a brand, confirm their favorite series, and find a specific model. If they don’t have any specific model, get the latest edition of the respective series.

Try a Watch Box

Watch boxes are undervalued, but it can be a great gift if you have a collector lady friend. In fact, this can be the best gift for your watch collector buddy. Most watches come with their box, but a collection box can stand out.

These have a thoughtful touch and are practical. It shows you support their love and care. A collection box can protect their collection, and maintain them for a long time.