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Ahhhhh, Paradise. who doesn’t dream of pulling into that tropical port on the glorious cruise ship. It’s an awesome thing to experience with your family and friends. There is a plethora of experiences for everyone to enjoy on a cruise. From 1st class dining to Broadway style shows and musicals and activities for the kids as well as the casino and night clubs for after hours, there is always something for everyone to enjoy. These trips can be fun the most fun in the world when you prepare for them properly. Plan your trip accordingly with my 3 essentials for your cruise to paradise, and the fun and excitement will be maximized and the worries will be washed away.

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My 3 Essentials For Your Cruise

  1. A Smart Budget: While the base cost of these trips can seem pretty cheap and the scheduled meals are included, you have to figure in the cost of all the extra-curricular cocktails and meals as well as the expenses you incur at the ports with all the great shopping. you can buy unlimited soda stamps on most cruises which greatly cuts down on what ends up being a pretty big expense if you have kids.Treasures from Bahamas
  2. Booze: While we are are talking about budgeting, one of the biggest expenses, outside of gambling, for the adults, is cocktails baby. Most cruises allow you to bring on a specified amount of alcohol, usually wine. All I’ll say is the creative sailor can find the loopholes here.
  3. Dramamine: Nothing. I mean nothing will bring your vacation fun to screeching halt like motion sickness. More than half of women suffer from some degree of motion sickness. The big tough guys aren’t immune either. Dramamine Non-Drowsy Naturals have always made sure I missed the sea sickness without missing the sea.

Dramamine was the first and is still the leader in the prevention of motion sickness. Growing up on the Gulf Coast I have enjoyed time on the water for my whole life, and never had a problem with motion sickness. But as I learned the hard way on my first cruise, it can strike anyone, anywhere, anytime. We got on board the first night and had a grand ol’ time. the first half of the next day was just as good. Then, a little weather built up not too far from us. My Better half said I looked like I had never been off solid ground in my life and was an interesting shade of green.

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Thankfully the people across the hall from us had some Dramamine Non-Drowsy. While I had to battle through the rest of the day, the next day and every day after on that cruise was fully free of motion sickness and sleepiness. I was given the chance recently to participate in the Dramamine Non-Drowsy Naturals No more Missed Moments Challenge. Needless to say, I was eager to go for it. So we decided to take another cruise. Honestly, as I fully expected, I enjoyed every single moment of my second cruise from beginning to end without a hint of any kind of motion sickness. I fully credit that to the Dramamine. Because as was the last trip we had a couple of days of not so favorable seas. Bottom Line. I’ll never take another cruise without it. Be sure to keep up with Dramamine on Facebook and Twitter.

How has Dramamine have saved one your favorite vacations?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.