The word “kiosk” is not particularly new, and kiosks can take on numerous forms. But in the digital age, retail kiosk software has advanced to include some impressive features that, if you don’t use, your competition will.

Modern electronic kiosks can be strategically positioned all over the globe and managed from a single software platform. They work with virtually any business type and can be custom-configured to the exact needs of any particular business.

kioskThe benefits of retail kiosks, like a vastly expanded customer base, lower labor costs, staff that are able to focus “more on sales than on selling,” are obvious reasons why kiosks of this kind are rapidly growing in popularity worldwide. But there are challenges that come with a remote kiosk strategy, including: security, kiosk maintenance, and customer satisfaction.

High-security Kiosk Software

Unmanned kiosks where retail transactions are taking place could potentially become tampering targets to unscrupulous “users.” That’s why your kiosk software needs to include remote monitoring of each kiosk’s “health” on a 24/7 basis. Both the operating system and the hardware must be vigilantly guarded, and kiosk deployers must be alerted (via email or text) promptly of any danger signs.

But system security goes far beyond mere kiosk remote monitoring. For example, another key feature is to be able to whitelist or blacklist specific websites, to restrict access based on pre-set criteria, or to customize certain kiosks for employee-use only.

You can get creative and formulate your own full-orbed security strategy, but without powerful, flexible software at your disposal, you will be unnecessarily limited.

Remote Maintenance/Management

Top-tier kiosk software will not only monitor all connected kiosks for possible tampering or misuse, but it will also assist in machine maintenance.

If paper rolls or ink levels, for example, reach a pre-set threshold (say, 75% empty), alerts can be sent to kiosk-site managers to inform them to provide refills without undue delay. With some software, you can even set a primary alert at one level (75%) and then an escalated alert to higher management at a more risky threshold (say 90% empty).

Machine or any kind malfunctions can also be monitored so as to allow for a speedy maintenance call. In some cases, you can even fix the problem remotely.

Upping Customer Satisfaction

You can improve your ROI and enhance the customer experience at your kiosks all at the same time. Advanced kiosk software will allow your kiosk users to access in-depth data on products/services they are interested in.

Customers can search for prices, product specs, in or out of stock status, and compare the different options you give them, all without requiring a paid customer service representative to stand by and assist them.

Your customers will love these extra features and find it faster and more convenient in most cases to simply find the answers to their questions on the machine. But you can always keep a customer service line open in case a customer gets “stuck.”

In the final analysis, there are a host of business types (both small and large) that stand to benefit immensely from a network of customer kiosks knit together and remotely managed via top-of-the-market kiosk software. By investing in top-tier software that maximizes security, minimizes maintenance hassle, and enhances the customer experience, you can help your business grow into markets it could not otherwise easily access.