I’ve been traveling for most of my life. I’ve been all over this beautiful planet of ours from the beautiful beaches of Sw Florida that I call home to the Roof of Africa, also known as Kilimanjaro. I have had plenty of opportunities to try out different items designed for travel throughout my adventures some have excelled and others had failed miserably. One thing that is always a factor when globe trotting is the weight of the items you carry. From just being too heavy to getting charged extra money for the weight by airlines, there are many reasons to seek out the best lightweight travel items. Here are three that I think would be a great addition to any travelers bag.

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Lightweight Travel Items For The Intrepid Traveler

  1. shavetech-logosizeShaveTech: This sleek, easy-to-charge electric razor that is affordable and packable. ShaveTech is a hit with any modern, gadget-loving man, and it comes in  black or fresh white and can be charged anywhere via its built-in USB plug. This allows him to plug it into any laptop or USB car charger, no matter where his travels take him. Available online from ShaveTech For $29.99
  2. Magic_T-sticks_500x350Magic T-Stick By Dr. White: Dr. White Magic T-Stick is the newest in portable electric toothbrushes offering over 22,000 strokes per minute of sonic scrubbing, compared to the old-fashioned, manual way of approximately 300 strokes per minute.  Magic T-Stick not only provides a better rapid motion, but it also self-sanitizes after each brushing, killing 99.9% of the bacteria on a toothbrush after a cleaning. Available online from from Beauty9 for $49.99
  3. blue-tumblerZeroWater Tumbler: The days of relying on expensive, bottled water for purity and good taste have passed; the ZeroWater Tumbler is the convenient, affordable option ideal for bringing to on  vacations, road trips and more!  Just fill it up after security for clean water so you do not have to buy the expensive bottled water! The tumbler employs the same 5-stage filter technology and ion-exchange system that made its pitchers and dispensers a favorite among consumers. Available online from ZeroWater for $14.99                                                         

Knowing that you have clean drinking water no matter where you are is must for me when I’m traveling, since I have a tendency to end up off the beaten path. Most of the  time when I’m traveling within the states I limit myself to just a carry on, so space and weight are at  a premium.  All the reason for the sleek and lightweight toothbrush and shaver. They can be charged just about anywhere and don’t take much space at all while delivering the quality performance we have all gotten used to.

What are your minimalist packing secrets?