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3 Loving Ways To Say Thank You To Mans Best Friend #dogthanking

There have been countless times in my life where my dog helped me get through some very troubling and hard times. If there were ever angels walking the earth I think that dogs are them. There are very few creatures on this planet that make you feel better with just a touch. They know when you are sad and they know when you are happy and how to act accordingly to get the most out of their relationship with you. Let’s not forget that they are the worlds best listeners. You need to get something off your chest without being judged, who are you going to go to? Your dog of course. So let’s take a pause in our hectic daily lives and give a special loving thank you to mans best friend.

3 Ways to Say Thanks To Mans Best Friend

  1. Set Aside Time To Play Everyday: Exercise is crucial to leading a healthy life, both physical and emotional. This includes all of Gods creatures. By setting aside time to play with your dog everyday you are saying thank you for loving me and caring for me. It also strengthens your bond and keeps them healthy so they can go the distance with you.
  2. Gourmet Doggie Treats: There are all kinds of dog treats out there. most of them are processed junk that is not good for your dog and often will upset their stomach and give them some seriously stinky gas which is no fun for anyone. There are gourmet doggie chefs popping up all over the place now who make treat from only the best ingredients that the humans in the family might be tempted to steal. Nothing says I love you poochie and thank you for being my best friend like some tasty gourmet treats.
  3. Get Regular Check Ups: Dogs can’t tell you when something is wrong with them on the inside.  There are always signs that somethiung may be wrong such as a physical injury, but if they have internal problems the signs might not be so clear. If you really want to thank your best buddy for always being there for you, then you should always be there for them. take them to get regular check ups so you can catch any problems before they become serious and make sure they are able to be your strong shoulder to lean on for many years to come.

Purina wants to give thanks to our four legged friends for always being there for us. As November rapidly approaches it’s time for the National Dog Show Presented by Purina #dogthanking program. That’s why from November 2nd to Thanksgiving Day Purina is inviting dog owners everywhere to log on to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and express their love and thankfulness for their dogs. For every unique post that has @Purina and #dogthanking included in their post,Purina will donate $1 to the AKC Canine Health Foundation, up to $75,000. The videos and photos posted may be aired during the National Dog Show, which airs on Thanksgiving Day at Noon in all time zones. So get online and tell the world why you love your dog.

What are you most thankful for about your dog?

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