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Wherever you go these days you are bound to see cameras. Cameras of every size, style and price tag. There is very little that happens in the world today that is not caught on camera in some way, shape or form. One the most popular ways to capture video today is by using the small point of view action  video cameras. These little beauties allow you to capture an image or a video from a variety of different perspectives. This makes for some epic home videos and some great action shots. If you don’t have one yet, here are just a few reasons why you should get one.

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3 Awesome Perspectives Of The Action Video Camera

  1. The Handlebar or Dashboard Perspective: This of course is referring to mounting one these little bad boys on your handlebars, dashboard or any other fixed point on your bike, cars or boats. This works great two different ways. You can either record the action or record yourself and your reactions, which is always sure to provide a giggle or two
  2. The POV Perspective: This a great angle for those who want to see what you were seeing as it happened. Some people strap them to their chest. I personally think that you get the best POV shots when it’s strapped to your helmet. This way the camera moves with your head and follows your line of sight.
  3. The Underwater Perspective: It doesn’t matter if you are just playing around in the pool, on the beach or diving on a shallow coral reef.  Shooting underwater videos and photos is just fun and cool. These cameras almost always come equipped with waterproof housings that give you the freedom to get the wet shots. The Vivitar DVR786 comes with a waterproof housing that’s good up to 30ft and protects it from impact damage both at sea and on land. It comes ready to handle anything you can throw at it on the beach, at the pool or even on a nice shallow reef dive.

I know most of these cameras go for a couple if not several hundred dollars and are not within everyone’s reach. So naturally a lot people are missing out on the “action” so to speak. The Vivitar DVR786 gives everyone the opportunity to see what they been missing out on at an affordable price that is within just about everyone’s reach. It comes fully equipped with the protective casing that is both shock resistant and waterproof up to 30 ft, a remote control, a mount for your bike or ATV and a helmet mount for the awesome POV perspective. This awesome little camera records in full HD and has a 2.4″ touch screen display. You can take your chances and enter win one of these beauties below or head out and grab one from your favorite store, or both. It’s available online through Amazon and at your local Walmart, Target and other retailers. It retails for $59.99.

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What would be your first action video with one these beauties?

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  1. My first action shots would be my sons playing soccer. An actual soccer match so we can see it at a different angle or when they go down water slides!

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