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3 Reasons You Need Extra Skin Care In Winter

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Your skin is one of the most important barriers of protection for health. When your skin is not cared for it can lead to openings in your bodies defenses. Winter is a particularly hard time on your skin.

Which is why need to administer a little extra skin care in the winter time**Skin Helpers** offers a variety of reviews on products that will help your skin improve in the winter

3 Reasons You Need A Little Extra Skin Care & TLC In Winter

  1. Dryness: When going back and forth from the cold outdoors and the warm indoors your skin can just be sucked dry of all it’s moisture. This leaves it dry and flaky. Some indications that the skin is too dry include tightness, flaking, roughening, irritations, itchiness and cracking.
  2. Chapping: Anyone who participates in outdoor winter activities has probably had some experience with chapping. When the cold air mixes with the moisture in the air from snow or sweat in can chap your skin leaving it red dry and moderately to substantially painful. This can occur anywhere skin might be exposed, not just on the face.
  3. Scaling: some people will experience a sever dry skin during the winter. If this is not managed it can produce spots of scaly rough skin. these can be both unsightly and painful. While there are after the fact treatments for all of these conditions, isn’t it wiser to conduct a little preventative maintenance. Allow me to introduce the Dove White Beauty Bar.

Unlike soap, which strips the skin of all it’s nutrients and leaves it feeling dry, the Dove White Beauty Bar is made up of a unique blend of mild cleansers and 1/4 moisturizer cream. Regular use will leave your skin feeling softer, smoother and more radiant. It is both hypoallergenic noncomedogenic and gentle enough for use on the face and body.  As the number one dermatologist recommended cleansing bar it is the perfect solution for year round skin care that will help you maintain your radiance even in the harshest of winter. Dove White Beauty Bars are available at most of your local drug stores in 2 packs for average retail of $3.79. Try it out and feel the difference for yourself.

What extra steps do you take to keep your skin healthy in the winter cold?

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