Would you want to eat a chicken dinner if you you knew that most of it wasn’t even chicken? I didn’t think so. So it stands to reason you wouldn’t want your cat to eat that chicken dinner either. Unfortunately that is what many cat owners unknowingly do every day because they don’t check the ingredients in their cat’s food. So many brands use fillers and by products as way to cut costs. But at what cost to your cat’s health is the real question. So here are a few reasons to know what your cat’s eating.

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3 Reasons To Know What Your Cat’s Eating

  1. For Their Health: When cat foods are compromised by using grains and by-products as filler it greatly reduces the health benefits of the primary proteins. This not only affects the flavor of the foods that you feed your cats but the effects on their health are even greater. Many of these ingredients can’t even be digested and will do more harm than good for your cats.
  2. For Their Happiness: Just like with people, healthy cats are happy cats. Healthy happy cats tend be more playful and active as opposed to just laying around all day and getting fat.  I know that being a fat cat is associated having made. I’m sure there are more than a few fat cats out there who would disagree with me But if want your cat to stick around as long as possible fat cat is not the way to go. Keep them healthy and you keep them happy. Then they are there for your for years to come.
  3. For Their Love: Not that your cats don’t love you already, I’m sure they do. What I mean is you should repay their love with your own by giving them healthy delicious whole foods that they will love and crave. I and Love and You Pet foods were created with health conscious pet owner in mind. For those who truly care about what’s in their cat’s food.

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I and Love and You pet foods were developed by holistic veterinarians to be made with the highest quality of ingredients. They take the approach of why would we feed our pets something that we would want in our own bodies. Holding themselves to the highest of standards by looking for the best qualities such free range grass fed hormone free proteins. With great flavors like Chicken Lickin, Oh My Cod! and Puurky Turkey you cat is sure love it and you’ll how good it is for them. I and Love and You pet foods and products are available online at Petco, Target and Amazon or you can look here to find the closest retail store to you. Give your cat your love and they will love you back.

In what special ways does your cat show you it’s love for you?