As with most people these days, I find myself on the go with more things to or remember than one would think the human brain is capable of handling. Even when I’m not running from task to task during what seems like a never ending day, my mind is still running sprints about what I might have missed or what’s online for tomorrow.  Having a mind that won’t quit is both good and bad. On one hand you are bound to stay on top of things most of the time but there is also the danger of overthinking or overanalyzing everything which can prove to be counter productive. Finding ways to just relax and unplug your brain can be beneficial to both your mental health and happiness. Here are my three favorite relaxing pastimes to unwind with.

Young Preschooler Sitting On A Pile Of Books And Reading One

3 Relaxing Pastimes

  1. Paint A Masterpiece: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That being said all art is subjective when it comes to whether someone likes it or not. My feelings are as long as I like it and enjoyed the time spent creating it,  then it was a success. A success on a couple of different levels. One one hand I created something with my own two hands and other other hand I stopped thinking about all of the days issues for a while. So take your time enjoy what your doing and see how good it can be for you.
  2. Read Your Troubles Away: There may not be a better way to let your mind roam free and discover the wonders of new realms and worlds than by immersing yourself into a good book. Reading unleashes the imagination in ways that nothing else can. Worlds or adventures that are presented in good books can be experienced in completely different fashions thanks to the wonders of individual imagination. Get together with a friend and discuss a book you both have read and see you your individual experiences differed.
  3. Get Your Game On: If reading was the ultimate way to detach for the last generation, then clearly gaming is the next generations go to method. there are so many different types of gaming out there that there is sure to be something to please everyone’s gaming palate. Personally I enjoy casino style games for the thrill they provide but I’ unwilling to accept the risk that comes with games of chance. Fortunately for me there is GSN Casino. They give me the thrill of all my favorite games without all of the potential consequences.


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What’s your favorite way to detach and reset at the end of trying day?