There is a price to be paid for every smile, frown, laugh and cry, or so I’m told. Our skin is a living thing that grows with us and protects us from a great many things, therefore we should endeavor to take care of it, lest it decides to stop taking care of us. Now I’m not saying that all signs of aging are bad, I am very proud of a few of my wisdom lines. They are great reminders of hard earned lessons. But I also don’t want to look old before my time. While you can’t completely fend of the signs of time, there are few things you can do to hang on to your younger looking skin just a little while longer.

The Ways Of Youthful Radiance

  1. Hydration: When it comes to being healthy inside and out, the number one habit you can have is staying well hydrated. A well hydrated person will not only feel good on the inside but they almost always youthful radiant skin.
  2. Diet: When you eat junk, you end feeling and eventually looking like junk. one the first visible signs of a bad diet, besides a nice extra tire, is rough looking skin. A proper diet will help your skin keep it;s radiance and elasticity.
  3. Sleep: It is a well know fact that a good nights sleep is a vital part of good health. But what’s happening to your skin during your restful recuperation? Wrinkles, that’s what. The way your face is pressed and smushed against the pillow will ad up over time. The Juverest Sleep Wrinkle Pillow was designed to combat the aging process even more while you sleep.

The Juverest Sleep Wrinkle Pillow is designed to address vertical facial lines that appear near the eyes, cheeks and brows. The poly-blend pillow case smooth’s skin and reduces creases, with natural neck and head cradling positions that will support your most comfortable sleep position. There’s also an extra perk,  the open-contoured shape helps keep you cooler at night for a more restful, beautiful sleep. As you can see above the  there is a considerable difference between your average pillow and the Juverest Sleep Wrinkle Pillow. So what are waiting for? Get it now and start sleeping better and looking younger. It’s available online from Juverest ($159.99) and a variety of online retailers.

What would you give to lose a few of those wisdom wrinkles?