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I don’t know about them folks up north, but when the summertime rolls in down here in the south, you have to pick and choose when you can do your outdoor activities and chores. We’ll usually get a few hours in the morning where it’s pleasant enough to do some yard work or gardening. But as the noon hour approaches, the mercury rises as well as the humidity, and as most of you know, a high level of humidity is like a heavy wet wool blanket on hot day. While there is always plenty of work to be done around the house, we still need a distraction from reality every once in a while. I’m gonna tell you all about my  favorite 3 pastimes to beat the summer heat.

Things To Do In Summer To Keep Your Mind Off The Heat

  1. Learn To Play An Instrument: I know, I know, that’s just way to hard. It’s really not. Learning just three basic chords on the guitar you have opened up the door to hundreds of song you probably already know and would love to play. Just by getting a taste of the enjoyment of creating music on your own is sure to get you hooked.
  2. Create A Masterpiece: Go get yourself some watercolors, some colored pencils and a few blank canvases. There’s an artist in there somewhere. don’t feel like you have to follow conventional paths, The great fun of art is creating from your own vision. Not everyone will like what you do, but who cares?  And don’t just limit yourself to painting and drawings, art can be 3-dimensional too.
  3. Online Social Gaming: Everybody like hanging out with their friends and having a good time, right? Not always the easiest thing to do.  There are of course the social media pages to hang out on, but that’s not the group fun you’re looking for. My friends and I are big fans of DoubleDown Casino. This is an online social casino. Where we can get together and play the casino games we love without the hassle of driving to the casino, and of course the risk.


For anyone who enjoys the thrill of online casino games but doesn’t want to assume the risk, DoubleDown is for you. They offer you the chance to sit down with your friends and play your favorite games on the only authentic online Vegas experience in the world.


They have all levels of play for all levels of players, from beginner to expert. My friends and I have no exceptions of making it to the World Series of Poker, but we still love to play no hold’em, and as we all have families and very little disposable income, we can feel the thrill of victory without ever really assuming the risk of defeat. All the games are free, and you can play now from any mobile device as well as your home pc. I know when the heat of the day kicks in and I just want to unplug from reality, DoubleDown is where I go. You can learn more about the thrill of victory by checking them out online or by following them on Facebook.

What’s your favorite Doubledown game?

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