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traveler memories. Polaroids with clipping path for your picturies For as long as I can remember people have been snapping photographs to capture the moment and the memories of their lives. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a barbecue in the back yard or the annual family camping trip, photos have been the go to memory catcher for many years. The standard way for presenting these memories has been to put them in a photo album for reliving at a later time. The problem with photo albums is that they provide little to no context to the memories. Luckily some crafty individual came up with idea for scrapbooks. Scrapbooks bring life and colorful context to your memories. So here are a few of my favorite tips for better scrapbooks.

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3 Tips For Better Scrapbooks

  1. Create Your Own Custom Covers: Since scrapbooks are usually more focused on specific times and places in our lives it makes sense to give it an original cover that goes along with the theme of the book. Pick one photo that best encompasses the storyline and enlarge it for the cover. Give it a hand painted title and a few small pieces of memorabilia and Voila!
  2. Save The Small Stuff For Context: We all take home some little keepsakes from our journeys through life. If you don’t you should start. It doesn’t matter if it’s ticket stubs from concerts, stage shows or maybe a small piece of beauty you found in nature while camping or hiking. Thes small things placed on pages in your scrapbook will give you the keys to memories or emotions of the day that might have otherwise been forgotten. Not mention it adds some nice flash.
  3. Use Photo Collages For More Vibrant Stories: It’s easy to just throw some photos in a book and call it a day but the truly creative will make photo collages with unique backgrounds effects and writing. This takes your photographic storytelling to the next level. The new app PicCollage and the power of Hewlett Packard gives you all the tools and guidance you’ll need to take your scrapbooking a notch or two.

PicCollage is an app that allows you to use pre-designed templates or create your original picture collage from your photos with your choice of a variety of styles of effects, writing, graphics and more. Combined with awesome power of HP you can create and print out the highest of quality of PicCollages right at home and bring your scrapbooks to life. It is available for both Apple, Windows and Android operating systems. So head on over to the PicCollage store and select the appropriate icon for your device and start creating amazing pictures today!