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Bedtime can quickly become a battle of wills if it is not approached the right way. This kind of battling can lead to unnecessary stress for both parent and child. It seems that my kids get more wound up the closer it gets to bedtime. This is the point where you have to make a decision. You can either choose to attempt to impose your will on your children which leads to more undo grief for both of you or you can ease them into La La land and strengthen your family bond at the same time. The choice seems simple, doesn’t it? Even though this is a time when busy parents are tired and maybe even a little bit cranky, these three tips for getting your kids to sleep faster will help the whole family can rest easy at bedtime.

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3 Easy Bedtime Strategies

  1. Give Them a Nice Warm Bath: It’s a proven fact that a nice warm to moderately hot bath relaxes the body and calms the mind. This works for children too. After a long day of school, playing and homework a nice warm bath is the perfect way to transition the kids int bedtime mode. In my house it’s the first of my three part routine that let’s them know bedtime is approaching and routine is is the key to regular success.
  2. Put Them On Notice: I like to start giving notices at about thirty minutes before bedtime. Just call it out across the house or go find them and tell them personally. Either way be sure that they acknowledge the notice. Then give another one at twenty minutes, then at ten minutes let them know it’s time to start the ritual of bedtime. Send them off to the bathroom to handle any urges and brush their teeth. Then it’s right to bed.
  3. Read To Them: Getting them into bed and getting them to go to sleep are two totally different things. Once in bed, that’s when the real battles can start. Reading to them before bedtime is a time tested method to relax them and send them off with sweet dreams. What you read and how you read are crucial for success. The #1 bestseller “The Rabbit Who Wants To Go To Sleep” uses innovative techniques to bring your child’s day to a calm relaxing end and is both kid tested and parent approved.


The Rabbit Who Wants To Go To Sleep was written by author Carl-Johan Forssen Ehrlin, a behavioral scientist with a bachelors dgree in psychology who also specializes in life coaching and leadership training. Carl-Johan has taken the best of the skills and combined them, to form the innovative techniques for this book. When Roger Rabbit can’t fall asleep, Mommy Rabbit take him to visit his Uncle Yawn, who knows just the trick. As the kids join Roger on his journey to La La land, they will find themselves lulled to sleep along with him. This simple story uses a unique and distinct language pattern to help children relax and fall asleep. It gives the parents opportunities to personalize the story and gives written cues to yawn or read a sentence softly and slowly for an enhanced effect, getting your children to sleep sooner and more relaxed. So if you don’t have your copy yet, get it now and put an end to the bedtime blues, or enter below to win a copy plus a $100 gift card from the Land of Nod.

These my personal tricks for getting my little ones to sleep. What are yours?

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  1. I agree with putting children on notice & then sticking to it. We would always read one book and then it’s time for bed.

  2. Good advice. It’s been awhile since my daughter was that little. Now I have a 10 month old grandbaby and am waiting for mommy to let her spend her first night at grandma’s house so we can do the night time rituals.

  3. it seems as the kids get older their bedtime routines are getting more drawn out. we read to them and snuggle. and they do have the best stories to tell when it’s time for them to go to sleep lol ( charityk)

  4. This book was a brilliant idea. I have heard them talking about it on the radio, and I really believe it could help kids fall asleep! I love the theory behind this!

  5. I was just talking to my friend about this book. She said it helps her son get to bed, and I was thinking about getting it for my kids.

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