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Growing up we always had a dog. Even though I have an older brother, it was often my other brother that I went to lean on during my times of trouble and need. No one listens like mans best friend and no one is as loyal as mans best friend. They will defend you till the end, as happened with one of my dogs when I was young while protecting my brother and I from a bobcat. Outside of the things that are out of our control, keeping your dog healthy inside and out should be one of your top priorities, because they would do the same for you.


Keeping Your Dog Healthy From Tongue To Tail

  1. Give A Dog A Bone: Giving your dog those hard but chewable dental bones can assist in keeping their teeth clean. Which will lend a hand to preventing any kind of periodontal problems in the future.
  2. Rubba Dub Dub Dub: Regular baths and grooming not only keep your dog beautiful, but will help prevent give early notice on any coat or skin issues.
  3. Serving It Up: One of the mos important things you can do for your dogs health is to feed them a healthy diet. Iams dog food s formulated to keep them healthy on the inside and properly fueled up to run with the family.

Iams nutritional plan is based on the fact that dogs are truly carnivores, and their diet should be centered around meat based protein, not rice and other unknown fillers. Using only the highest quality of ingredients and tailoring their foods toward each growth stage to maximize the benefits during every phase of growth in our furry family members.

Some bonds are truly unbreakable. Like the one between a boy and his dog Duck. To keep him healthy and active at every stage of life, there’s IAMS. Ideal nutrition so you can always look forward to what’s next.

Iams is the key to insure that the bonds that are forged in the early years last for the whole ride. Giving a small kid a puppy to grow up with is a truly magical experience for all involved. For all the things that you are told about taking care of your dog. A healthy diet and lots of love are the two most important. At least they are for me and my family.

For information on habits, personalities, potential health problems and the nutritional needs through each life stage of most breeds, take a look at the Iams page on Dog Tips.

I can think of a lot reasons, but why do think it’s a good idea to give kids pets at an early age?