This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of 3M Company for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Who is this guy that keeps looking over my shoulder? Is he just trying to figure out if he knows me? Maybe he just curious about what I’m eating to help him decide what he wants? But since I’m sitting here working while I eat at one of my favorite diners, I can’t help but wonder if maybe he is trying to pick up some of my personal or business info to use to his advantage at a later date.

Hacking is the term for breaking into someones private systems and taking the information that is in there for own purposes.There are more ways that I can count to steal some ones personal information. I’m sure new ones are devised daily, which makes it very difficult to stay on top of ones own security. While I believe that we can never be fully protected from hackers, if you follow these 3 tips on how to protect your sensitive information, you’ll probably sleep a little better at night.

How to Keep Your Secrets A Secret   

  1. Password Protection: Passwords should protect anything that’s valuable or sensitive within your hard drive or on any mobile devices. Don’t make them easy and change them frequently.
  2. Encryption: Using an unsecure network in your home or business is like hanging up a sign that says Come and get it. by using an open network, anyone can access you vital data from across the street or ofen your neighbors house. Spooky.
  3. Privacy Filters and Screen Protectors: With more and more work being done on the go, it’s easier than ever for someone to just glance over and grab a single but vital piece of information. 3m is taking steps to prevent what has become known as visual hacking with their privacy filters and screen protectors. Visual hacking is the active threat of your personal or professional sensitive information being view and stored for later use.Learn More About Visual Hacking

3M Learn More About 3M™ Privacy Products is the leader in wide range of technological research and innovations. One in particular being visual privacy solutions. More and more the corporate and private work force are getting their work done on the go. Even in the workplace, ideas can be stolen by your co-worker right next to you or from some one just walking by, completely comprising your visual privacy. Both visual hacking and violations of visual privacy are direct threats to the security of original and innovative work done by both individuals and corporations. It only makes sense to protect something valuable, even if seems like a harmless little piece of data or information. I used the 3M Gold privacy filter while working at the airport recently, and felt very safe. If I moved even a little off center I would lose visibility of the screen.  No chance of anyone looking at my screen unless they were leaning over my shoulder. Be smart and check out 3Ms’ line of privacy filters and screen protecters.Request a Sample

Have you ever felt like someone was trying to steal your information over your shoulder?

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