Among the many fantasy sports games currently available online, fantasy baseball is definitely the most exciting to play. There are a lot of variations to play too, but whichever you choose you’ll be able to have a lot of fun while following the MLB season. One thing you should never forget is that fantasy baseball can be very competitive. While there are plenty of prizes to win, being able to come out on top of your friends and colleagues is the ultimate prize. To help you get started, here are some of the top fantasy baseball tips you need to know.

  1. It’s a Marathon: It’s going to be a long season, so don’t make rash decisions just because of one or two game results. A lot of new players make the mistake of dropping their good players after one bad game, only to find that that same player is brilliant on the next. Always remember that the game is played throughout the season. Whether you’re playing a daily draft game or classic fantasy baseball, it is essential to keep an eye on the bigger picture. With this tip in mind, you can also take streaks and long-term factors into consideration. By looking a couple of steps ahead, you’ll be able to anticipate the following games and be that much further ahead of your friends or colleagues.
  2. Don’t Pick Favorites: There is no favorite in fantasy baseball. While you may have a particular team you’re supporting in the MLB, sticking to your favorite team of players is not the best route to take. Always focus on stats – and potential stats – when drafting players and building your own team. There are also other factors that will help you pick the best players. Historical data, for instance, can help you determine the right players for certain positions. A lot of fantasy baseball games offers access to the right data too. The Average Draft Position or ADP will also influence the performance of your fantasy team as well as which players you can actually get.
  3. Understand the League Parameters: Don’t forget to take the league parameters into considerations. There are usually different rules and parameters used by different fantasy leagues. Take your time to learn more about the rules before you start playing. For example, a fantasy league may have different category configuration. Some use 5 x 5, which means 5 hitting and 5 pitching. Others may use 7 x 7 or another base of calculation. Naturally, the way the categories are set up will affect how players contribute to your team as the league progresses. The same can be said for the depth of player pool and trades. The latter isn’t always a factor in a fantasy league.

These tips will help you get started with building your own fantasy baseball team and playing the league. Pick a strong starting pitcher, tune in to your favorite baseball highlights show and learn more about the best players to add to the team. You’ll be ahead of the competition in no time.