3 Ways to Advance a Music Career Online

Having a passion for music can take you many places in life, not just in the form of a career but also in terms of personal enjoyment and fulfilment. While musicians aren’t the richest business professionals in the world, they thoroughly enjoy what they do, and everyone knows that traveling and music go hand in hand. Nowadays most music professionals do the majority of their promotion and networking online, while also gaining most of their music production knowledge from the web as well. Regardless of whether you’re a singer, producer, or an aspiring music teacher, here are three sure fire ways to advance your music career online while traveling:

1. Take a Comprehensive Course in the Topic of Your Choice

Since there are so many musical skills that can be taught and learned, it’s important to aim for complete mastery of whatever field or instrument you choose to pursue. For example, if you want to be a producer, you’ll need to take a comprehensive course in audio engineering and production. On the other hand, if you’re interested in becoming a guitar player, then a master’s class in guitar might be your best option. There are all sorts of tutorials, guides, and courses that you can take to gain certification as a player, producer, promoter, or teacher of music. Anyone aspiring to be a music teacher might want to consider earning a masters in music education.

2. Sign up for Music Networking Sites

As a musician you should strive to be active and visible on as many social media outlets as possible. Music networking sites are also good places for aspiring music teachers to find clients looking to improve their instrument playing, music theory, or singing capability. Aside from an online music education degree, try to become a busy user of the top music networking sites and maybe even go above and beyond to promote your music everywhere the internet allows.

3. Use YouTube to Promote Your Music and Find Tutorials

YouTube can be a goldmine for up and coming artists and producers in any genre due to the amount of exposure it can provide. Furthermore, it’s an excellent networking tool, as your channel can serve as a content hub that lets others discover your music and request collaborations or services. It’s also the best way to promote music teaching services, as it gives potential clients the opportunity to see actual examples of your music lessons before committing to private lessons themselves. There are even plenty of guides on using YouTube for musicians, so don’t forget to do your research before diving in.

Becoming a “Professional” Musician

In the end, the only thing that separates a “professional” musician from an amateur is the fact that the pro, by definition, gets paid for their work. Of course, if nobody knows about your music then they can’t offer to pay you for it. Thus, it really is just a matter of following the tips above to start promoting and advancing your musical career online, and since you can do it anywhere there’s an internet connection, it’s a perfect goal to work on while traveling.