This post was sponsored by WaterWipes as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.When you have a baby everything changes. Bye bye sleep, bye bye friends, hello to the hardest and most rewarding job you will ever have. For the first time parents it’s a fast learning curve and many decisions will be made concerning what’s best for your baby. For some things the options you have are limited as far as using natural products. Here are three ways to go natural for your baby in your everyday routines.

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3 Ways To Go Natural For your Baby

  1. Natural Hygiene Products: When we think of hygiene products we often think of the bathing products that keep us clean, fresh and presentable. One hygiene product that we use more than any other on our babies and don’t really give a whole lot of thought to are the baby wipes that we buy by the truck load. When is the last time you read the label on your box of wipes? I know I can’t even pronounce half of the stuff in there.  As far as I concerned water is the best thing to clean with and that’s just what you get with WaterWipes.
  2. Natural Foods: There are plenty of natural food options out there for your baby. Be sure to read all of the ingredients because labels can be misleading. You really can’t beat just making your own food though. Just steam and puree your proteins and vegetables then freeze for later. This gives you the freedom to expand your child’s palate which will encourage healthier eating habits later.
  3. Natural First Aid: Basic first aid is something that any parent will become proficient at in no time. Look for products made from essential plant oils to treat the bumps, boo boos and ouchies that are sure to happen early and often. These treatments have been around for ages and are experiencing a resurgence in popularity due all the possible side effects and allergic reactions that seem come with most of today’s medicines.

WaterWipes are a premium brand of baby wipes that contain only two ingredients, 99.9% water and 0.1% grape seed extract. They are tough and effective without any harsh chemicals, making the the perfect natural option for something that you will use on your little ones for years to come. WaterWipes are 100% chemical free. This means no preservatives. They will keep for up to 15 months unopened but should be used within one month once opened. In addition they aren’t interfolded like most wipes which allows for the sterile environment to remain intact. WaterWipes are available at Target stores nationwide, you can find your closest store with this locater.  WaterWipes would also like to give our readers a chance to win a $100 Target gift card. All you have to do to enter is choose your social media preference from the tool below and share to be entered.

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What other natural options are out there that you want to share with us?