Will your child be using a tablet in the classroom this school year? Do you support students using tablets in the classroom?  Research has shown that 81% of teachers believe tablets enrich classroom learning and 86% of students believe that they study more efficiently with tablets*.

Show your support for tablets in the classroom through the 3M Screens for Schools program and help 3M reach its goal of donating up to $25,000 in new tablets to one lucky school!

For every person who shows his/her support on Facebook at https://screensforschools.3m.com, 3M will donate $1 to Digital Wish and an additional $1 for every person who shares the 3M Screens for Schools message on Facebook.

There’s only one more day left to help 3M reach its goal of donating $25,000!  Spread the word.

Components of a 21st Century Classroom – An infographic by the team at Open Colleges