People are careful about their diet, but this is not always true when it comes to what they feed their dogs. Most people go for what they find at a convenience store or they use what their friend’s feed their dogs. Other pet owner’s just feed their dogs ‘people’ food. This does not sit well with dogs, and you can rest assured that you will make several trips to the vet for stomach problems. With dogs, you need to pay attention to their diet as it is important for their skin, coat, and nails. Below are pointers that can guide you on feeding your dog the best food.

The Dos

1)            Do feed your Dog Veggies

Despite your dog’s main food of being meat, it still needs a balanced diet to grow and develop. You need to include a portion of veggies for their immunity boost as the vegetables contain vitamins that are helpful to your dog. This is such an uphill task since dogs do not eat every vegetable out there. The lack of information on the best veggies for dogs forces many to avoid feeding providing vegetables altogether. has eased this dilemma by listing the ideal and the not so ideal veggies to feed to your dog.

2)            Do Consult a Specialist

Taking care of dogs blindly can easily put their lives at risk. Some dogs suffer from allergies, abdominal pain, and infections from the foods that they eat. You need to consult a specialist for expert advice on proper diet plans, schedules, and meal compositions.

3)            Do Read Labels on Dog Foods

Every brand that meets the standards lists its food composition. Ensure that the main component is meat and not meat by-products. Some brands split their products to give a feel of many nutrient-rich products and lure you in. Do not fall for that. Also, be cautious about ingredients that might impact your dog’s digestive tract.

4)            Do Feed Your Dog Clean Water

Just like food, water is essential. It aids in digestion, absorption, and even hydration. Keep a clean water bowl all the time. However, for dogs with renal complications do it with moderation. 

The Don’ts

1)            Do not Turn Your Dog into a Human

Even though you and your dog seem to understand each other, your dog is a dog that should eat dog food. Avoid feeding it table scraps. It sounds like a good idea to share a plate with your dog, but some foods you find delicious might be toxic to it.

2)            Do not feed a Dog One Meal Throughout its Life

There is some security when you can find a specific dog food brand even when you are miles away from home. This can force you to feed your dog the same meal due to the convenience it brings your way. However, you will never find out what other foods have to offer if you never try them out. Buy small amounts and introduce one brand at a time.

3)            Don’t Overfeed Your Dog

Never overfeed your dog in the name of having the biggest dog. An overfed dog suffers from obesity and other health-related conditions. It also puts their body structure at risk, especially when the weight puts pressure on it.

4)            Don’t Overdo Snacks

Giving your dog treats is okay but do not overdo it. Treats affect their feeding schedule, and some even affect their health when consumed in excess. Additionally, avoid feeding your dog human treats since some are toxic.