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4 Methods To Unclog Your Drains

You may not know that the drains in your home have to face heavy workload. In fact, you may not realize this because the process works out of sight. However, when the drains become clogged, then it becomes very problematic. Slowly you will get to witness the warning signs such as flooding water, delay in water draining, bad odors, etc. If your home drainage is facing such problems, then it is time that you start taking care of this mess so that you can avoid the trouble of calling upon a plumber. This post will highlight some of the ways to overcome the problem of a clogged drain.

  • Using Boiling Water

Before proceeding to other steps, it is prudent that you start by using boiling water to unblock the drain. Remember that it is boiling water so perform this activity exhaustively. Also, this technique will not be a good choice for PVC pipes, as it will expand the pipe joints, hence weakening them. Also, pour the water directly into the blocked drain if it is present in the middle of a porcelain sink; otherwise the sudden elevated temperature could crack the sink material.

  • Using Baking Soda and vinegar

This combination has been widely used for cleaning purposes, and it has a similar effect on a clogged drain as well. You can execute this reaction for cleaning the drain by pouring baking soda (1 cup) over the drain. Now, add vinegar (1/2 cup) over the powder and close the drain inlet with the help of a stopper. After waiting for at least 30 minutes, pour some boiling water over the drain. This should clear away the debris present in it by dissolving it.

  • Using a Plunger

The process of sucking out debris using plungers is not limited to toilets. You can use it to unblock drains as well. You can use a plunger with a bowl shape to plunge out the clogged elements in the pipe. Also, you can fill the tub or sink with water while doing that. Also, remember to place the plunger firmly covering the complete drain and seal it. Keep plunging until the drainage initiates draining. Check this out if your toilet won’t flush.

  • Using a hanger wire

You may have seen this customized tool, which is just a regular coat wire bent to form a hook. It has been noted to be a useful tool for unclogging drains. After straightening it, it acts as a simple utility that can pull the debris outside the duct. Do note that you do not want to push the garbage inside, which could block the drain further. Once you pull out enough rubbish, you can pour down some hot water in the pipe to clear the remaining contents.

Remember that drainage helps keep the water flooding in control, and maintains a hygienic condition in your kitchen and bathroom. If you do not care for it and maintain it regularly, it can result in a cumbersome situation for you. Thus, follow such tips to keep proper drainage in your house.


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