Dogs are often considered as man’s best friends because they show incredible loyalty to their owners, and the absolute joy of owning a dog is unmatchable. But, not all dogs are equally friendly especially to strangers, and can easily bite you if you do not practice caution. According to statistics, dogs injure around 4.5 million people every year in the United States. Therefore, you have a significant statistical chance of getting bitten by a dog at least once in your lifetime.

When it happens, you must make sure that you take the legal route and file a personal injury lawsuit against the dog’s owner by hiring a competent attorney like dog bite lawyers in Oxnard, CA, so that it does not happen to anyone else. We have discussed here four mistakes that can hurt your dog bite insurance claim so that you get your deserved compensation.

  1. Not getting medical treatment:

If you are bitten by a dog, never delay or avoid medical treatment because not only is it vital for your health, but the doctor’s examination report and other medical reports will serve as a solid piece of evidence in court. Be aware that the insurance company will always try to downplay your injuries so that they pay as little as they can. Therefore, you must document the severity of your injuries so that you can receive compensation for all the damages that may have occurred to your physical, mental, and financial health.

  1. Not collecting evidence:

Evidence is the key to any legal proceeding and the personal injury claims are no different. Therefore, you have to collect the evidence to consolidate your insurance claim, and the best time to do it is at the accident scene when your injuries are fresh. You must take the pictures of your injuries because your compensation claim is directly linked to the injuries you suffered. Therefore, submitting those pictures as proof will go a long way in consolidating your case. Moreover, you must also ask the names and contact numbers of the witnesses because their testimonies can also play a crucial role in getting your due compensation.

  1. Not notifying the authorities:

While you call 911, you must also contact police or animal control because their arrival will ensure that your side of the story is recorded, and an accident report is generated. After that, an investigation will commence that will look into various facts like if the dog has bitten anyone before, or if it has been vaccinated for rabies, etc. All of these legal proceedings will enable you to build liability against the dog’s owner, which will help your case considerably.

  1. Not hiring a lawyer:

Many people make the mistake of not hiring a lawyer to fight their personal injury claims, which is pretty much like flying a plane without a pilot. After the accident, a representative from the insurance company will approach you and try his best to trap you into saying things that can be used against you in court. Be aware that these people are well-versed with the ways of poking holes in your claim such that you do not get your due compensation. Therefore, the need of hiring a competent personal injury lawyer is immense because they would understand all those traps, and will help you in navigating around the legal mines safely.