Many homeowners struggle to deal with the pest problems in their homes and try their utmost to follow different tips to get rid of them. Many of them mainly fail because pests are incredibly sneaky and tend to enter our homes even after our best efforts.

However, it is not a lost cause, and all we need to do is follow techniques and methods which are peculiar to the elimination of a specific type of pests. For example, what you use to get rid of termites may not work with bed bugs or mosquitoes. Therefore, be smart in your approach and do not try to use a generic method to eliminate all kinds of pests. Mosquitoes stand among the most common household pests, and we have discussed here four natural ways to get rid of them, that are specifically suited for these pests.

  1. Get rid of water bodies in your home:

One of the most effective ways to get rid of mosquitoes is not letting them form colonies in the vicinity of your home. Their most favorite breeding ground is the stagnant water bodies where they lay their eggs and multiply in no time.

Therefore, browse your home rigorously to look for puddles and various water containers, especially when it rains. Moreover, look for places like overhead water spouts because often water tends to get accumulated over there. If you are unable to do so, you can always contact local mosquito pest control to handle such situations for you.

  1. Seal all the entry points:

Mosquitoes can easily sneak through the cracks and spaces you may have in the frames of your windows and doors. Some mosquitoes tend to sneak through space beneath the main door. Therefore, seal all such places effectively, and avoid opening windows during the dawn and dusk because this is the time when mosquitoes become most active.

However, if you wish to keep the windows of your homes open for ventilation, install a fine-sieve frame between the surroundings and the window itself. It will do both the jobs by allowing the draft of air inside your home and preventing the mosquitoes from entering your home.

  1. Camphor Oil:

Most of the synthetic mosquito repellents are harmful to inhale and are not that effective as well. Therefore, you can use synthetic repellents like camphor, which can be found in camphor trees. All you have to do is make its essential oil and leave it in the room for around half an hour, and you will be surprised to see the dead bodies of mosquitoes conveniently lying on the floor.

  1. Use fragrant herbs and plants:

Fragrant herbs like basil and peppermint can prove to be really handy in keeping mosquitoes at bay. Therefore, keep the basil pots at the window sills to keep the mosquitoes from hovering around your window. You can also use rosemary to keep the mosquitoes at bay, as all you have to do is burn it, and its fumes will repel the mosquitoes.

Moreover, you can make an essential oil out of peppermint and spray it all over the house to keep mosquitoes at bay. Even garlic has a smell too strong for mosquitoes, and you can put it to use by boiling it in water and spraying it all over your home. Lastly, plants like Feverfew and Citronella are also known for their mosquito-repellent properties, and hence can be planted in your garden or kept at your window sills.