Every household and business should own a decent torch. It can be tempting to duck down to the bargain store and pick up the first, cheapest, flimsy torch that you can find. Yet if you take this attitude you might find that your torch fails you when you need it the most. We’re going to take a look at four reasons why you should invest in a quality, durable torch.

  1. In Case of a Power Outage: Our society has become increasingly reliant upon electricity since the industrial revolution. Our work, home, social and leisure lives all depend on being plugged in, wired up and charged. This can mean total chaos when a power outage occurs! Blackouts can occur for many reasons. Storms and wild weather, planned maintenance, random accidents and usage spikes in summer, to name a few. If you own a decent torch, then you’ve got nothing to worry about. LED Lenser torches are a good option. They provide outstanding illumination from standard batteries. A headlamp is also a good option, because it keeps your hands free for all those household jobs that don’t stop just because the power has. You’ll be able to see while you cook, avoid tripping over in the dark and do everything that would normally do.
  2. If You Like to Go Camping: A good quality torch should be on your camping essentials checklist. After all, the great outdoors isn’t nice enough to provide ample lighting. There’s many reasons why you need a good quality torch when you’re camping. A torch comes in handy when you make trips to the toilet or if you need to find your way somewhere after dark. Also, if you plan on reading while you relax at nighttime, a good quality head torch is a great investment. It will also be helpful while you prepare meals and cook and look after your camp.
  3. For Around the House: Sometimes it just makes sense to keep a good quality torch lying about your home or place of work. You never know when you might need it. For example, you may need something in the shed – and you discover that the light bulb has blown. You may need to do some work in the roof, or in your basement, and need to see what you’re doing. You may drop something you need behind the couch or fridge, and need a little bit of light to see where it went. A good torch should be part of every home and businesses toolbox.
  4. Cheaper Doesn’t Mean Better: As we mentioned above, it can be tempting to grab a bargain when you’re torch-shopping. Yet this is not necessarily the wisest move. Cheap torches have a tendency to not work when you need them the most. There’s nothing more annoying than a torch not working during a power outage, when you’re camping, or when you’re working in the dark. A good quality LED torch will save your hide every time, and is also a durable option. This means that it’s more likely to survive the occasional drop, bump or hit. So do yourself a favor and avoid the bargain bin, and invest in a torch that will perform as you need it to. You’ll be thankful that you did.

There are other reasons to keep a good quality torch within easy reach, but these are the top four. After all, you never know when the power might cut out, a trip outdoors is always fun, and sometimes it’s just helpful to have a good quality torch at home.