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Most of the foods today are filled with that you can’t pronounce in order to give them a longer shelf life and supposedly better flavor. Well don’t buy into it. The flavors and health benefits of eating real foods are uncomparable to their science based counterparts. It’s undeniable that real food is better for you. Here are just a few reasons why.

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4 Reasons Why Eating Real Food Is Better For You

  1. You Know What Your Eating: Knowing exactly what’s going into our body is always a good thing. The ingredients list on most foods today reads like a bad science fiction novel. If you can’t pronounce it, then it probably shouldn’t be going into your body
  2. You Get To Keep All The Good Stuff: In the age of moderns foods, which is mostly processed and loaded with preservatives much of nutritional value of the foods you eat is lost. People tend to forget that a quick freeze of fresh foods preserves the most nutritional value and flavor. This way you are actually getting the nutrients that you need and not the harmful additives and preservatives that you don’t.
  3. Positive Physical Benefits: When you have a diet of primarily real foods there are clear positive health benefits. You’ll have more energy, more mental clarity and a generally more positive attitude. Not to mention a higher regularity of the bodies natural functions.
  4. Uncompromised Flavors: Let’s be honest when you eat real foods from quality sources the flavors are uncompromised and uncomparable. For people in today’s fast paced world it can often be difficult to eat a diet of real foods. Especially when there doesn’t even seem like there’s enough time in the day to complete your honey do list. Well the folks over at evol Foods know that real food is better for you and want you to have access to quality sourced real foods anytime. Even when there’s no time.

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The good folks over at evol Foods live by the philosophy of providing quality sourced real foods for people to enjoy anytime anywhere. By using the good old fashion technique of preserving fresh food that seems to have been mostly forgotten about known as freezing. Done properly this preserves the nutritional value and flavor of foods better that any artificial additive or preservative. They have a wide variety of great meals in quick single servings  for breakfast, lunch or dinner and some meals made for two. All of the meals made from real foods that are frozen to preserve their natural qualities. All of the meals are made to to be heated in the microwave but can be done any way you desire. So now there is a way for you to enjoy great meals like Sriracha Chicken, Fire Grilled Fajitas, Truffle Parmesan & Portobello Risotto and many more made from the highest quality of real foods anytime you want. Don’t wait any longer to start giving your body the food it deserves get it online or find your local retailer here.

What’s your favorite seasonal real food to cook with?