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4 Smart Guidelines for Buying Leggings 

Leggings can be worn, paired, or layered with other garments. These were designed to be two different articles, each for one leg. But were ultimately joined as one, and has been popular ever since. Following, we are describing some dos and don’ts of buying leggings.

Don’t Confuse them with Tights

Tights and leggings, both of them have form-fitting material. This means both of them can be used as a layering garment. Their designs remain identical, so how are they different?

Tights have a thinner material and are better if used on their own. They stretch over your feet whereas leggings are cropped at the end of ankles.

You can wear leggings all around the year, instead of just winters. These are the key differences that set both tights and leggings apart from each other. So the next time you buy, know the difference between these.

Different Length Options

Fashion Yoga Leggings have several length options. You can choose between the following types:

Capri Leggings: They reach mid-calf, and are less formal as compared to full-length. However, they function just like them. These leggings are widely used as underneath athletic clothes and pair great with long tops.

Stirrup Leggings: They come with a strap that wraps around the arch of your feet. These straps prevent the leggings from riding up your legs. These are mostly used as pants, not just a layering product.

Ankle-Length Leggings: These are better known as Jeggings, thanks to being similar to jeans. Ankle-Length Covers your entire legs. They extend from waist to ankles as you can deduce by the name. These incorporate a simple design, and can be used as/for:

  • Pants
  • Under-dresses
  • Workout Apparel
  • Skirts, etc.

Knee-Length Leggings: These just remain below the knee. If you work out with a different form of dance, exercise, yoga, or gymnastics, they make the ideal choice.

Length is determined based on the use, or preference.

Refer Sizing Charts

Whenever you buy some garment, you need to consult sizing charges. Every brand has their sizing, and there can be a significant difference. Check the measurements, pay attention to the hips, and waist. If you are between two sizes, then buy the larger instead of small.

Try Different Options

You need to visit local stores before buying leggings. This can help you try a few pairs by designers and learn about the cuts and size. You also get a chance to see the colors, and fabric of leggings in person. It’s better than viewing a stock image.

If you like a particular product, then you need to learn about its specifics. These specifics included the product and brand name. Note these and do a little research before you decide you want to buy these.

Check Material

Fashion Yoga Leggings are multifunctional, but this doesn’t mean you buy them with closed eyes. They are styled according to different outfits and uses. This is why different materials are used to design them. Spandex Blend and Lycra are most common, whereas silk, lace, wool, and cotton are slightly less popular.

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