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Experts say kids stop learning over summer. My kids, on the other hand, are glued to Netflix and taking it all in. My two lovely children haven’t moved in weeks. Ok, I am totally kidding, but in all reality, this summer has taught me that there is actually ton of stuff for kids on Netflix! I have always been concerned about what show I was going to binge watch next, I have never skimmed the kids section. Oops! It is loaded with shows for them to binge watch, too! Now that we are all caught up with our Netflix queue, my kids have learned some pretty neat (and funny) things from Netflix this summer!

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4 Things My Kids Have Learned from Netflix

Such as “You got it dude!,” “Duh!,” and “Puhlease! which are phrases uttered by none other than Michelle Tanner on Full House.

Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven are regulars on Little Einsteins which pretty much plays on loop during the day at my house! 

With the Magic School Bus, which I very vividly remember watching when I was a kid!

Namely Super Why, which teaches my kids reading skills, the alphabet, rhyming and spelling. I love listening to my 19 month try to recite the alphabet!

netflix word party
Netflix has a brand new original series just for kids by the mastermind Jim Hensen Company (think Muppet’s!) called Word Party. This fun new series follows Kip, Franny, Lulu and Bailey as they learn new words that will help their vocabulary grow. Word Party allows for parents to watch along with their little ones while fostering a fun and easy learning environment for everyone and encouraged to celebrate their Word Party afterwards with the whole gang. How fun, right? Not only that, but July brought Hey Arnold! The MoviePopples: Season 3, Home: Adventures with Tip and Oh, and LEGO Bionicle: The Journey to One: Season 2. I have a feeling I won’t see the kids for a little while. Wonder what else they will learn from Netflix?

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