Choosing a lawyer is an important decision, because it can determine the outcome of a criminal case, a divorce settlement or a family issue. It is therefore imperative to make an informed choice when selecting an attorney. For this reason, we are providing five tips to help you choose the perfect lawyer for your legal requirements.

  1. Extensive Experience: A lawyer with extensive experience is obviously performing well in his or her job; otherwise, they would have given up the practice of law altogether. The length of their experience is often a testament to their success, so it can be a key indicator of a successful, talented attorney.
  2. A Specialty: You might be tempted to pick a lawyer based on a good recommendation from a friend, or because they were at the top of Google, but that does not mean they can provide the right representation for your personal legal needs. While they might be a fantastic lawyer, it may help to select an attorney with a specialty that relates to your case. For example, if you have recently been arrested for DUI charges in Portland, it might be a wise move to consult a DUI attorney in Oregon, because they will have extensive knowledge of the area of law in that specific state. You can therefore trust they have faced many similar cases to yours, and therefore have the legal knowledge and experience to help you secure an acquittal.
  3. References: Before you hire a talented attorney, it is worth meeting with them to discuss your arrest, charges and upcoming case. During this time, you will have an opportunity to ask the lawyer a variety of questions, which they should be happy to answer honestly. You also have the right to ask for references, which they should provide without question. You should follow-up on the references to ensure the attorney lives up to expectation – and you should avoid any lawyer who does not want to provide a reference, because they might have something they are trying to hide.
  4. Payment Plans: While you will want to hire the best lawyer in town, the attorney you choose will probably be determined by your budget. Most can provide two attorney fees: percentage and hourly. For routine legal work, you can expect to pay by the hour; however, if you choose to sue someone, the lawyer will probably arrange payment on a percentage basis.

It is also important to note that an inexperienced attorney may take twice as long to perform the same duties as a more expensive, experienced lawyer, so they could end up costing you the same amount, if not more, to provide legal representation.

Selecting a lawyer is never easy, as you might be torn between budget, recommendations and experience levels. We therefore recommend you trust your judgments when hiring a qualified attorney. After all, the lawyer you pick can potentially make or break your case, so it is important to choose wisely.

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