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This post is sponsored by Netflix. It seems getting the whole family together for some quality time grows more difficult every day. When you are able to do it make the most of it by organizing some different interactive family activities or adventures that are sure to not only leave a lasting impression but leave them longing for the next time. Here a just a few suggestions for you to ponder for your next family fun night.

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4 Ways To Mix Up Your Family Nights Fun

  1. Family Game Time: With the popularity of board games and card games of endless variety on the rise again there are sure to be more than few games out there that all the members of your family can agree on. Mix it up so it doesn’t get monotonous. A good way to keep interesting is to let the previous champion select the game. Don’t limit yourself to only playing games at home There are countless family game time places for you to explore as well
  2. Try Out New Places To Eat: If you’re anything like me then you probably have a tendency to eat at the same core group of restaurants most of the time. I often hear or read about new places that I would like to try out with my family but forget about them later. Have everyone in your family write down the names of restaurants they want to try or just go back to. Then you put them in a hat and draw a name. This will just likely lead you and your kin to discover some new favorites.
  3. Arts & Crafts Night: I’m sure you’ve all heard about these paint and party places where a local artist guides through how to paint a particular painting while sipping on a little vino the whole while. Well why not do this with your family at home as well? It’s fun to see the different perspectives, styles and outcomes when you have every one make or paint the same thing. Not mention a little good natured family ribbing.
  4. Family TV Night: There are few things more enjoyable to me than having my whole family, pets and all, just pile onto the couch for some laid back family time with our favorite shows or a movie. Netflix is my go to when it comes to family tv time. They have an amazing selection quality family movies and shows. Now they’ve added a continuation of one our favorite family sitcoms to their already stellar line in in house productions. Welcome back our favorite family from Full House to the now Fuller House.

Produced by Netflix Fuller House picks up 29 years later with the family growing ever larger. It seems like they never missed a beat in all this time. Everyone just falls right back into there familiar family roles. Even Kimmy. If you loved Full house back in the day then be sure to sit down and enjoy the ongoing hysterical shenanigans of the Tanner family. Check out the trailer below.

What was your favorite TV show growing up?