Welcome to Valentine’s Day 2020! Let’s make our gifts extra special for the start of a new decade, shall we? These trendy beauty gift ideas work great for your wife, girlfriend, best friend, mom, sister, daughter, and just about anyone with a face. Forget roses, give her the gift of glowing skin and perfect nails and she’ll love you forever. We break down 5 stunning beauty gifts and recommend some killer products on this list so get your debit card out and get ready to “add to cart.”

#1. Skin Care Mini Fridges 

Who knew that skincare products worked better when they are kept cold? If your sweetheart follows beauty influencers on Instagram then I can promise you, she knows. Mini fridges for your bathroom shelves are 100% on-trend on the ‘gram these days. Mostly because they look adorable in your bathroom selfies but also because they keep skincare products good longer and might even make them work more efficiently. You can get a mini skincare fridge on Amazon like the Cooluli Electric Cooler in several bright colors. The best beauty fridges are small enough to fit neatly on a shelf and USB chargers are a nice touch. 

#2. Ultimate Nail Care Kits

How about a heart-shaped gift basket full of nail care items? Gel polish and nail polish dip are both high on everyone’s list. You can get everything you need for a great manicure with this Gel Polish Starter Kit on Amazon. It even comes with the necessary UV light. You can also include cuticle oil, nail files, and this pink nail tool kit. Focus on bright pinks, and romantic reds for nail polish colors she can use for the month of February and year-round. A basket full of goodies to make her feel like a queen on Valentine’s Day makes a great non-traditional gift. Pack the basket full of heart-shaped confetti and chocolate kisses to keep the bottles of nail polish from click-clacking together. 

If she wears nail polish often, and who doesn’t, then her nails underneath might be in need of a little TLC. Frequent salon trips can give you some funky fungi if you aren’t careful. Check out this list of the best Antifungal Nail Polish from Giftwits. This polish allows you to strengthen the nails, remove fungus, and gives you a pop of color. Make sure to include some of this in your gift basket. 

#3. Enhance Natural Beauty 

In 2020 the best makeup products are the ones that make you look like you aren’t wearing any. Sheer coverage that enhances natural beauty is what women are striving for today. Lightweight BB creams, tinted primers, and natural colored lip glosses are just the right amount of face paint for modern women. There are several highly sought after brands that cater to this desire. Get her a gift card or a few items from each beauty brand to fill a pretty red gift bag. Here are the sheer beauty brands most coveted at the moment:

  • Glossier – Daily makeup staples without the heavy coating. You have to get her a few tubes of “cloud paint” that sheer cream blush that’s been breaking the internet. All their makeup is not only glossy and light but it all has cute names like “boy brows” and “haloscope.” 
  • Thrive Causemetics – Known for their constant social media ads, Thrive focuses on cruelty-free vegan makeup that isn’t too heavy. They are all about women’s empowerment and saving the environment. The Brilliant Eye Brightner Stick is a  must-have product. 
  • Florence by Mills – The adorable little girl from Stranger Things launched her own Gen-Z “clean” beauty line at the end of 2019 and it’s a much talked about brand your sweetheart might be wanting to try out. You’ll find skincare and light beauty tints to enhance the fresh-faced beauty of any age. 

#4. Dunk On These Bath Treats

Bath bombs are mesmerizing balls that fizz up and release essential oils and beautiful colors into your bathtub. They can make tub-time romantic and relaxing. There are multiple types of sweet-smelling bath treats available at retailers like LUSH. Here are a few bath bombs and other bath accessories you might want to gift your lover with for Valentine’s Day:

  • The Love Boat – A boat-shaped bath bomb made up of beautiful pastels and a delightful citrus scent. 
  • Naked Shower Gel – Go waste-free with one of these naked shower gels that don’t come with extra packaging. Almond Blossom is one of their newest romantic scents.
  • The Eggplant – Does your date have a sense of humor? Perfect millennial emoji bath bomb, a striking purple veggie with bergamot and ho wood to keep your energy up. 
  • Naked Attraction – This massage bar works like a bar of soap that you rub across your dry skin. As it heats up it deposits oils into your skin and makes for a wonderful massage. 

#5. Beauty Masks For All Skin Types

Face masks are a refreshing way to hydrate and repair your skin while you shower, do your hair, or give yourself a pedicure. For Valentine’s Day, consider gifting your date an assortment of fun face masks that will make her feel like a million bucks, or 10 years younger, which is just as good as a million bucks. Try one of these:

  • Aztec Secret – an Indian healing clay for deep pore cleansing. It’s made of 100% pure bentonite clay that was rumored to be used by the great Cleopatra herself. 
  • Vassoul Blackhead Remover Mask – the mask that sparked hundreds of YouTube review videos, this creepy black mask is amazing for pulling blackheads out of your skin. Beauty is pain, right? 
  • Ebanel Korean Collagen Facial Sheet Mask – nobody does skincare like Korean’s do skincare. These flexible sheet masks are full of collagen, that helps de-age the skin. 
  • Jakuva Pink Collagen Crystal Lip Masks – face masks aren’t just for your full face. These lip masks are made to protect your pout, infused with skin-healing collagen.