Before, people had to invest in heavy equipment to be able to create woodwork or other renovation projects at home. Fortunately, technological advancements have led to more compact gears without sacrificing safety and function.

Cordless drills are one of the most valuable innovations in the field of construction. This equipment is primarily used to drill screws and fasteners into a concrete wall or other material. In addition to that, it’s also used to create holes wherever you need one.

This tool is one of the most used equipments for DIY projects, especially those that require fastenings and sturdy attachments. You can find lots of options on the market as well. One popular model is the Makita XFD10, which has been lauded for its design ergonomics, performance, and power.

If you’re thinking about investing in this type of tool, here are five benefits of using the best cordless drill for your projects:

1. Portability

The primary advantage of having a cordless drill at home or for your construction company is the convenience that it offers to the user. You can carry it around the worksite and drill away merrily. Plus, you don’t have to worry about tripping over wires because the tool can be powered by rechargeable batteries.

You may not see the value of investing in a cordless drill while doing a smaller project. It’s only when you turn to more ambitious projects that you witness the usefulness of having a portable tool on hand.

For instance, if you’re going to make a cabinet from scratch, you don’t want to keep on stopping every hole or so because you need to move and arrange the wires so that they don’t get in the way of your target space. Not only will this take too much of your time, but it’ll also lead to frustration since your momentum keeps on getting abruptly stopped.

2. Lighter Weight

You might think that the additional weight from the batteries will contribute to the heaviness of the tool. However, most cordless drills are lightweight.

Engineers and researchers developed this type of gear with the users’ convenience at the forefront of their minds. They’ve anticipated that people will be using it for their projects, so they made sure that customers won’t be bothered by the weight of the entire thing while working in the garage or on the construction site.

Don’t be fooled, though, the lighter weight of cordless drills doesn’t come at the expense of power or functionality.

3. Ease of Movement

This tool is useful from completing basic activities, like installing a TV in your home, to creating complicated projects, such as remodeling your kitchen or bathroom. The lack of wires and the lightweight nature of cordless drills facilitate users’ ease of movement.

A cordless drill has several functions. These are its top uses:

  • Screwdriver Substitute – Most people use this equipment to replace manual screwdrivers. By using this power tool, it allows you to save yourself from expending too much time and effort in twisting and turning a screwdriver. Removal of screws is also made more straightforward with a cordless drill.
  • Hole Creator – This gear is also useful for your woodwork projects, especially when you want to drill holes on wood that split easily.

Use a bolt that’s a size smaller than your screw to pilot holes, then insert the screw to avoid damaging your finished product. A cordless drill can help you create larger holes as well.

  • Drywall Installer – When installing drywall in your home, you won’t need another person’s help because you can hold a panel in place with one hand while inserting the screws using the other one. This tool makes remodeling projects faster and more possible even if you’re alone.
  • Concrete Piercer – One variation for this handheld equipment is the cordless hammer drill, which allows you to drive bolts into hard concrete. You can use this type of tool for keeping outdoor furniture in place, as well as installing other fixtures in a room or pathway.

4. Storage Space-Saver

A cordless drill is a nifty handheld device that can be stored with ease in your garage cabinet or work locker. The compact nature of this tool makes it very convenient to stash in easy-to-reach places to be used when you have another project once more.

The Makita model mentioned earlier comes in a handy size of 5.2 x 16.6 x 12.4 inches, which makes it perfect for home projects, while there are also bulkier but still handheld ones for heavy-duty use.

5. Better Control

Without the pesky wires and cables adding more weight to the tool, you can maneuver the equipment better and finish projects that require precise drilling. The increased control also leads to enhanced safety for the users.

Power tools must be handled with care because inappropriate use can lead to injuries or permanent disfigurement.

Here are a few tips on how to safely handle cordless drills:

  • Wear Protective Gear – Put on your safety goggles and wear gloves when using this tool. Also, you shouldn’t wear baggy clothes because you don’t want your shirt or pants to catch onto the drill while it’s turning.
  • Secure Work Pieces in Place – Always make sure that the material you’re drilling into place is stable. A wobbly or loose piece can make your drill slip and will result in injuries for you or other people on the site.
  • Take Time to Create Pilot Holes – Pilot holes serve as your guide when doing projects. When putting a fastening onto a piece of wood, you should pre-drill the holes in the area where you’ll tighten the screw. Not only will you end up with a cleaner and straighter product, but you’ll also reduce the chances of the tool slipping.
  • Be Mindful of the Pressure You Apply – Cordless drills were developed to ensure that you don’t have to exert too much effort in drilling holes and installing screws. Applying too much or too little pressure can lead your tool to slip, so make sure that you’re mindful of the tension you’re putting on the equipment.


A cordless drill is a valuable addition to your toolbox at home or work. You can use it to replace your manual screwdriver as well as to drill large or small holes on your projects.

The compact nature of this power tool makes it portable and lightweight. It also provides ease of movement and better control to users, while ensuring that you save space on your cabinets.