Tour Cannabis Country in Colorado for Your Best Dry Herb Dispensaries

If your thinking about traveling to Colorado, you must take advantage of the benefit that marijuana is legal in this Rocky Mountain state.  Some of the best dispensaries offer some of the best bud on the planet.  Dry herb, seemingly, is becoming a thing of the past with all of the oils and wax available, but for those that want to explore the past, Colorado’s dry herb dispensaries are the thing of the future.

Top 5 Marijuana Bud Dispensaries in Colorado

1. Ballpark Holistic Dispensary — Location: Lodo, Colorado

As a top finalist in the High Times Cannabis Cup of 2014, Ballpark Holistic Dispensary, conveniently located near Coors Field, is one-of-a-kind.  Offering dry herb, as well as concentrates and edibles, you can benefit from the unforgettable experience of bud.  Enjoy 18 strands of bud, including their most popular “Denver Maple.” Choose one or several of their extraordinary dry bud with a marijuana vaporizer and experience everything that marijuana bud has to give.  Fresh and natural, their cannabis dry herb is something to remember.

2. Highland Health — Location: Trinidad, Colorado

Take off to Trinidad for some of the best dry herb on the market.  Trinidad, Colorado that is. At Highland Health, you can enjoy all of the health benefits, including the natural high you get from marijuana bud, at a fraction of the cost.

3. Infinite Wellness Center — Location: Fort Collins and Lake Wood, Colorado

Fort Collins and Lakewood, Colorado are popular travel destinations for people who like to visit the Rocky Mountains. Now, you can enjoy popular dry bud strains at the Infinite Wellness Center located in these quaint cities.  The Center produces their own cannabis dry herb so there is an abundance of choices for you.  After you choose which one you’d like to try first, use your best dry herb vaporizer to get the full flavor and natural benefits.

4. Preferred Organic Therapy — Location: Cory – Merrill, Denver, Colorado

You can’t get to Cory – Merrill, Denver, Colorado fast enough to enjoy the sweet experience of Preferred Organic Therapy’s dry herb.  Their well-known “budtenders” are helpful, knowledgable, and courteous and can point you in the direction for the best marijuana bud for you.

5. Lightshade — Location: Federal Heights, Lowry, and Cherry Creek, Colorado

With both extensive and popular choices, Lightshade is one of the more upscale marijuana dispensaries with several locations around Colorado.  When you arrive at the facility, don’t be surprised when you see from the main lobby the cannabis plants actually being grown on site.  The staff is extremely friendly and helpful, giving you the best advice for choosing the best dry herb for you.

Consider Your Choices for the Best Dry Herb for You

Cannabis Connection: Traveling in Colorado with Your Best Dry Herb Vaporizer

Being that Colorado is legal for both recreational and medical marijuana, traveling in the city is a cinch.  You don’t have to hide your vaporizer at all.  You can casually use it out in the open and enjoy all of the benefits of your carefully selected cannabis bud.

Cannabis Connection: Choosing the Best Bud for Your Best Dry Herb Vape

Use your best dry herb vape to enjoy the best bud available in Colorado from these top five cannabis dispensaries.  To choose the best dry herb for you, take advantage of the staff at the facility.  They are all very knowledgeable and can show you what is the best dry herb for you.  Also, you can check out strain information online for learning the benefits of cannabis bud.


Legal cannabis in Colorado comes in a variety of forms. Your best dry herb marijuana dispensaries can help you get the best bud to go with your dry herb vaporizer if you want to go old-school.  Old-timers will love the familiarity of dry herb, while novice vapers will love the experience.


  1. I am real old school, I have never ever seen a vaporizer before. We have been wanting to go to Colorado, I have friends who have been and come home and say they loved it. Nice post!

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