I love to cook. Anything from what I can scrape together in my cabinets and fridge to a well planned out coursed meal for my friends and family. You chefs out there know what I’m talking about. Anyone that loves to cook knows that there are certain kitchen tools that are must haves when it comes to doing what you love and doing it right. These are my top 5 must have kitchen tools.

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5 Essential Kitchen Tools For Every Home Chef

sabatier knives

It’s the first thing on the list because it’s the most important thing on the list. There are very few things that can be done properly without a good set of sharp knives. A sharp knife is a safe knife. Keeping your knife sharp has never been so easy as it is with Sabatier® Edgekeeper® Knives, which come with self sharpening sheaths and blocks.

cast iron wall


When it come to cookware, there is no substitute for cast iron in my mind. It’s by far the most durable in your kitchen when properly maintained. They have been known to be passed down from generation to generation. It is considered an honor to be chosen as the caretaker of the iron for the next generation.

Mandoline slicer

A mandoline slicer is a very versatile kitchen tool that must be given a lot of respect. While it can make short work of a variety of cutting techniques, it can also make short work of your fingers and knuckles if you don’t treat it with the proper respect.

food processor

The almighty food processor is a gift from the culinary gods. It slices, it chops, it blends and it purees. It seems as if there is nothing that this tool can’t do. You can even make pizza dough. A kitchen without a food processor is no kitchen at all.

Kitchen mixer

When it comes to baking, the mixer is a invaluable tool. It’s the perfect tool for whipping up some light and flaky pie crusts or a fluffy cheese cake batter to perfection. It is as essential as the knife when it comes to the baker.

So let’s talk about your knives for a second. Are they sharp? How long do they hold their edge in between sharpening? Well as I’m sure you already know, a dull knife is a dangerous knife. Not only is it unsafe, it makes cutting, chopping and slicing all that much more difficult. Proper knife care dictates that you hone it before every use to maintain it’s edge. Raise your hand if you do that every time. That’s what I thought. That’s reasn enough to get familiar with Sabatier® Edgekeeper® Knives. These quality forged kitchen tools come with built in sharpeners in the sheaths and storage blocks. So you are guaranteed to have a perfectly sharp knife every time you use it. They makea knife for every task and can purchased online from Amazon, Wayfair and Pfaltzgraff for the very reasonable starting price of $18.99. So go ahead and get on board with these superstars of culinary creation and show the world your chops.

What’s your most precious kitchen tool that you can’t live without?