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As the battle against the forces of sickness wages and on. Prepare yourself with the a great line of defense to protect you from the shadowy agents of the cold and flu empire.  These agents of the darkside are sneaky and relentless. They will stop at nothing to bring you down a peg or two. So ready your checklist for solid defense and the cold and flu season.

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The Go To Team Of Cold And Flu Defense

  1. Water, Water And More Water: A well hydrated body is a healthy body that is already preparing itself for any necessary cold and flu defense. You should drink up to eight 8oz glasses of water each day just to stay hydrated on your average day. You should up that number if you regularly exert yourself throughout the day.
  2. Keep The Hand Sanitizer Close: When there’s a bug going around you can bet that it’s spreads the quickest through direct and indirect physical contact. It’s no secret that people sneeze and cough all over their hands without washing them while they’re sick and still fighting on through their day. Wash or sanitize your hands often during the cold and flu season. It’s not a bad idea to have a little moisturizer too so your skin doesn’t get too dry.
  3. Vitamin C Is Your Friend: A glass of fresh squeezed orange juice in the morning is never a bad way to start your day if you ask me. It’s a great source of vitamin C. If OJ is not your thing there are many other options. Put it into your routine though as it will shore up your bodies defenses against any little bugs that might mount an assault.
  4. Get A Flu Shot: This is a no brainer people. Influenza strains mutate each year. So the shot you got last year or the year before isn’t going to protect you. It’s best to get one annually.
  5. Your Secret Weapon: Should all of your efforts to build a solid defense be subverted and  you start to feel a tingle in the back of your throat. It’s time then to reach for your star player, your last line of defense. Chloraseptic spray and lozenges have been on the front line of cold and flu defense for as long as I can remember. Little has changed since I was a child.

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The best laid plans of defense can be laid to waste by one single little bug slipping through. When that happens and the runny nose and sore throat start to kick in there is no better way to get quick relief that will help you get through your day than Chloraseptic throat sprays that give targeted relief and lozenges with liquid centers to soothe sore throats and leaky nasal passages.  Chloraseptic has a variety  of products like their new cherry flavored throat spray that are available at pharmacies and drug store nationwide. Get a coupon for Chloraseptic here and stay ahead of any outbreaks in your area with this cold and flu tracker. In the war against cold and flu their is no reason that Chloraseptic shouldn’t be a high ranking official in your cabinet of defense.

What old school cold and flu remedies did your moms and grandmoms used to preach about?

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