Whether you are looking for a short one-stop vacation destination or an interesting add-on after a visit to Vegas, the city of St. George, Utah is a perfect choice. St. George has a lot to offer visitors and at the end of a busy day of sightseeing, it’s great to relax in comfortable and welcoming accommodation like the Ramada Inn St George. After a restful night in a comfortable bed, you will wake refreshed, and ready to go and explore more the city has to offer. Here are five of the many attractions that will make a visit memorable for many years to come.
St. George Children's Museum

  1. St. George Children’s Museum: Laid out over three floors, this interactive, hands-on experience is a must-do for anyone with children, and there’s plenty to keep the adults amused, too. Schedule a full half-day to visit his low-cost attraction, as you may find it difficult to coax the youngsters away from the occupation section where they can try out different jobs, the scientific exhibits, the dressing up experiences, or any of the dozens of other things that will fascinate them. Pioneer Park (Dixie Rock)
  2. Pioneer Park (Dixie Rock): This wonder of nature is accessible by everyone, whatever their fitness level. Explore this free to enter the site via gentle trails or take on the challenge of climbing across the rocks; either way, you get to enjoy the same stunning scenery, fresh air, and the chance to take endless photographs of the red rock formations.
  3. Mystery Escape Room: If you are traveling as a group with other adults, or with easily bored teenagers, make a point of booking in advance for a slot in one of several themed mystery escape rooms. Each cleverly set up scenario features a mystery, which your group must solve to escape the locked room, with a limited amount of time on the clock. This is a fun, high-intensity activity that relies on group work over individual thinking. Anasazi Steakhouse & Gallery
  4. Anasazi Steakhouse & Gallery: Based on W Sunset Blvd, this top-end eatery is a fabulous choice for special occasions, celebrations such as birthdays or anniversaries, or for anyone with a taste for fresh food. Indulge in the house specialty of cheese fondue, scrumptious steak, and desserts, which combine the familiar and comforting with a unique twist. Other, more budget friendly food options include the Bear Paw Café for breakfast, and a selection of places specializing in pies, Mexican cuisine, and burgers. Jacob Hamblin Home
  5. Jacob Hamblin Home: Learn more about the fascinating history of the area on a visit to this historical site. Volunteer guides will explain the life story of missionary Jacob Hamblin, who founded the city of St. George, and the impact of his work for the Mormon Church. This free attraction also has a host of historical artifacts and nice gardens to admire.

With magnificent scenery, great food, good weather year-round and lots to do for both kids and adults, there are few places that can match St. George.