Curly locks are lovely to look at, although there are times when your hair feels like it has a mind of its own. That is the time you consider changing your looks, from curly locks to straight hair. If you are going to spend a considerable chunk of your savings on straightening your mane, you might as well be aware which straightening technique will give you value for your money to achieve your crowning glory. Read on for the 5 hair straightening techniques you may want to consider.

  1.  Keratin Treatment

Let us start with Keratin treatment, which is also known as Brazilian hair straightening. This hair straightening technique may be the best option for you. It uses the natural protein, keratin, that is already in your hair. The good thing about keratin treatment is that it can be done repeatedly without damaging your hair. Your hair will grow back to its original form that is why this treatment is considered one of the safer hair straightening techniques there is. The process starts with the application of the keratin solution to the hair followed by flat ironing for the formula to set in the hair strands. The additional coating of keratin gives nutrients to your hair making it smooth, silky and straight. Even if it is a bit expensive, you will be able to enjoy six months of smooth and straight hair without worrying about hair damage.

  1.  Thermal Reconditioning

This procedure is also named as Japanese straightening. Straightening and smoothing of the hair are made by loosening protein bonds of the hair then reshaped by hair cells which are

done for six to eight hours. Although this treatment can give you six to seven months of smooth, straight hair, that can be outweighed by the permanent damage it can do to your hair eventually.

  1.  Hair Relaxing

Hair relaxing, which is also called chemical straightening uses the process of breaking protein bonds in the hair. This technique can be quite tricky as the proper number of protein bonds must be broken else your hair could go limp if too much gets broken or your hair remains curly if not enough are broken. The secret to the success of this method lies in the expertise of a professional, so it is best to look around first and find the salon which can give you your knock-out look.

  1.  Hair Rebonding

Hair rebonding is a straightening technique which uses a cream or relaxant softener to break natural hair structure and then a neutralizer to re-bond the structure again, making your hair sleek and shiny. Even though it is one of the popular hair straightening methods, your hair will still be at the mercy of chemicals and is bound to get fragile and weak. Since this is a chemical hair treatment, it should not be done so very often.

  1.  Flat Iron

Using a flat iron must be the simplest technique to straighten hair. This procedure does not require chemicals or breaking of bonds to have smooth and straight hair. But note that your soft, straight hair will last only till your next shampoo. It is recommended though that your hair be dried thoroughly first before straightening it with the flat iron to avoid further damaging your locks as excessive heat can make hair brittle.

Five hair straightening techniques have been presented, and it is your prerogative to choose which one will be safe and effective for you. It would also be good to ask recommendations from hair care experts to know which treatment will work best for you.



  1. I have naturally curly hair that I used to straighten, a lot. For years now, I’ve opted to just wear it curly. This was an interesting read. I had previously (at least once) used a relaxer on all of my hair. I purchased it at a drug store and did it myself. I wasn’t aware of needing to break the proper amount of proteins. I also used to use a relaxer on just my bangs. I have had a “her styler” flat iron for more than 10 years. It produced some pretty amazing results, but I imagine has damaged my hair quite a bit, too.

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