Everyone wants to look good, and they want their home and possessions to reflect that, too. You want everything to be in order, and for all of your things to look so amazing that people admire your property as they pass by.

Often this type of sprucing up can feel like massive undertaking that you don’t have the time or money for. However, many of these projects are actually quite affordable and can be done yourself with the right skills and tools.

Some bigger projects like structural changes or property line adjustments may require certain licenses or understanding of business laws. You can typically find instructors or courses, like the ones offered by Contractor Training Center in your state, to help you either gain the proper license or better understand certain business or property laws. However, for smaller jobs, here are five ways to improve the aesthetic and appeal of your home.

  1. A New Paint Job

Simply painting the exterior of you home can do wonders for its appearance. People can tell a fresh paint job when they see one, and it helps to choose eye-catching colors. You don’t want to go too bold, necessarily (unless that’s your style) but a fresh coat of paint in any color will be appealing no matter what. It can be a somewhat time-consuming project, but it will give you something to do and improve your home’s look in one big step.

  • Pressure Washing

If a paint job is out of the question, or you have a porch or deck that could use some love, consider pressure washing. A good pressure wash will make your home look new and clean without the labor that comes with a paint job (though of course pressure washing requires plenty of labor, too). Or even if you do paint your home, you can simply pressure wash your deck or porch and not worry about paint there. Just make them clean and pleasing.

  • Go Green

Flowers and beautiful green plants along the front of your home can do wonders for curb appeal. This includes some lovely flowers, which you can replace throughout the seasons, or simply some nice foliage to frame your house. There are tons of plants that are great for simply increasing the value and the appearance of your home, and maintaining a garden can be a fun and engaging hobby, too.

  • Love Your Front Door

The walk up to the door and the door itself are focal points for any home. They are the entryway and thus are constantly looked at, used, and judged. Having a great front door and walkway can make your home warm, friendly, and beautiful. If your door feels drab, consider replacing it and giving your home a whole new vibe. Furthermore, a walkway of some kind to lead to the door is a great way to lead people’s eyes to the door as well as their feet.

  • Let There Be Light

Adding a little low lighting to your driveway and front area will draw people’s attention and give your home a little extra love. You can throw some on the front porch, or a nice streetlamp near your home if that’s allowed. There are lots of different lights out there with different aesthetics, and you can easily find something that will give your house a little extra punch, even at night.

Sprucing Up Your Home Shouldn’t Be a Chore

There are so many ways to give your home a makeover without breaking the bank. It can be a fun process if you think small! Make sure you know your local laws and ordinances before doing anything major, but in the meantime, start with some of these simple projects to make your home stand out.

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